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Hello friends!  If you were wondering, “how’s that stop-drop-and-knit-an-ABC-Blanket knitalong going?”—you’ve come to the right place.

It’s going just great, thank you very much. Is this a massive knitalong? No. It’s the few, the proud, the alphabet knitters, and we’re having a ball. There’s plenty of time to join us, and if you do, you’ll discover a wildly addictive kind of knitting, thanks to Rüdiger Schlömer’s brilliant typeknitting pattern.

In the MDK Lounge

Here are a few highlights from the Typeknitting party in the MDK Lounge.

Pearljam is using a rainbow of Berroco Vintage Baby for her blanket. Seven colors for the seven lines of typography in the blanket.  I cannot wait to see that first color change come through!

Virginie is leading the pack so far. She’s setting up for the fourth row, where the actual alphabet starts.

Julie blew my mind by doing an intarsia block for the asterisk. This gave me the idea of highlighting some of the letters, for example: the recipient’s initial. I’m definitely going to be taking this notion into my own typeknitting dreams. For a baby, you could highlight the initials for the parents, the new arrival, and any siblings. If their initials overlap, it would be a snap to place extra letters into the text, perhaps swapping out one of the arrows or dingbats. But the smiley face must be preserved at all costs!

My own blanket? At the end of April, I took it with me on vacation to Morocco, where I took its picture on a rug (as you do)—but did not knit one stitch on it!

Back at home I’m just finishing the third row of type, aka the numbers 1 through 9, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m now pausing to wait for 2 more skeins of Rowan Creative Linen in Silver to arrive from Nashville.

Yarn quantity note: One skein of Stormy and one skein of Silver have gotten me through the first 3 of 7 lines of type, so I’m now confident of finishing the blanket with a total of 3 skeins each of 2 colors. Creative Linen has great yardage!

As you knit, you notice more and more of the details of the font design. It’s so balanced, so elegant. The 3 slipped stitches at the midpoint of the number 3 truly thrill me.

I’m not questioning why I love this so much, I’m just going with it.


  • Such fun!
    And, Kay, we notice how you casually slipped “Morocco” in there.
    We patiently await pictures.

  • These are great! And that Moroccan rug, so beautiful.

  • I have been lucky enough to visit Morocco; it make you see color in a whole different way, doesn’t it?
    Am I the only one who is curious about what the back side of the alphabet knitting looks like?

    • I keep forgetting to post the WS view!

  • Ooh! That intarsia block in an alternate color is making me so happy! I ordered the book that inspired this from the USA and it finally arrived yesterday. So, no one has seen me except for quick tea and biscuit breaks. Completely fascinating to connect type and knitting! Thank you for highlighting such inspiring things here on MDK, Kay! AND I was able to save this article in my favorites, so that kink which people were noticing yesterday seems to be untangled for me, at least. Knit on!

  • Went to Morocco this past December and adored it! Hope to see some photos soon!

  • I have made a list of words for washcloths, this will be great travel
    knitting! Keep sharing these fun ideas.

  • I am on a mission to finish a WIP but because of my professional background I am SO excited about knitting the typeface. I’m thinking it would be great addition in a primary school classroom wall. A different texture.
    And I missed you, Kay, on the call with Carol Fellers. And also thinking maybe Morocco would be a great meetup spot with my daughter who lives in HongKong!

  • I’m fascinated by this pattern! I’m going to have to find some time to knit this!

  • This of the 18th and 19th century “samplers” women embroidered. Wonderful to have a knitting sampler!

  • This pattern really called to me! I am using Vintage to make a baby blanket. The plan is to leave out the row with the arrows and type symbols, and add a row at the top with the baby’s name. So far I am halfway through the numbers. Fun!

  • I love this. I think I would use duplicate stitch, instead of intarsia, to highlight the recipient’s name.

  • Yes what Phyllis said! What is this Morocco of which you speak? How was it?!
    And of course your blanket is gorgeous.

  • So, so cool.

  • I get the “sampler” concept – but what I am anxiously awaiting are words – whether banner style, in blankets, or scarves, or wall hangings? I want to know what people have to say with their knitting!

  • Is there a video of how to do this? I love it, but no idea how to start

  • I’m equally intrigued and confused by this pattern. Thanks for photos that show the chart actually works! Are you trapping floats on the wrong side? Wondering whether my limited knitting experience is up to the challenge as I decide whether or not to take the plunge.

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