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Is the world getting to you? Let’s leave it all behind and go for a walk in the Tennessee countryside.


I tend to walk early in the morning, when there’s still a breeze.


The moss is so much better than the mushrooms this year. I have not seen a single mushroom. The frog pond is low, too.


Not far from my cottage is a ruin of a stone house. There are people around who could tell me the story of this place, but I don’t really want to know.

I’d rather imagine all kinds of stories about this place.


Is this a little stage? A tomb for a leprechaun? The product of a stonemason with terrible aim?


The lichens are hanging in there. Lichens know how to hunker down.


This is on the Cumberland Plateau, elevation 1,920 feet. Not a mountain, really. But enough to make life five degrees cooler than Nashville. I’ve been taking this walk for more than ten years now, a familiar route but never the same twice.


  • Your own imagination is so much more creative than someone else’s take on this place. Solitude savors this scene. I can invision sheep grazing here.

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