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Dear everybody,

Mark your calendars for next Monday, February 12, from noon until 1 p.m. Eastern time—we’re having a virtual party on Zoom to celebrate the launch of MDK Field Guide No. 26.

Our special guest will be designer Hélène Magnússon, beaming in from her home in Iceland.

If you haven’t met Hélène, you’re in for a treat—she sparkles with originality and has much to share about the traditions and landscape of her adopted country.

We’ll share the five designs of Field Guide No. 26 and generally ooh and aah in unison. So! Much! Beauty! We’ll also share details of a very special knitalong that will start (officially) on March 1.

And it wouldn’t be a Field Guide launch party without Ann trying to wear all of the photography samples at once—everybody loves that!

Sign Up Now

It’s simple. Mark your calendar for February 12 at noon Eastern time. Then:

Sign up here, and we’ll email you the Zoom link on Monday morning. That’s all you need to do.

Frequently asked question: will this event be recorded? The answer is yes. We’ll email the recording to everyone who signed up, as soon as it’s ready.

We have been waiting for this moment, and we can’t wait!  See you next Monday.


Ann and Kay



  • I am in. All in. I love her work.

  • Fun! Looking forward to it.

  • L ⏭️ 2 THIS ❗️❣️

  • First time to join in anything on MDK except for the daily newsletter. So I am really looking forward to this as I try to get over my first case of COVID. Big Time Bummer. Hope this cheers me up.

  • I’ve followed Hélène for many years, dreamt of attending one of her wonderful groups, and now look forward to hearing her voice 🙂

  • Thank you so much. I am looking forward to this.

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