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Dear friends,

Over the course of twenty years, we’ve set out on adventures when we wished for something that didn’t exist. This has resulted in a blog, two big books, a daily website, 28 little books, an online shop, a retreat, workshops, and virtual events.

Today, we’re announcing the thing we’ve wanted to do for the longest time.

A gathering of knitters in Nashville.

We’re calling it Nash Yarn Fest, and it’s coming next year.

March 14 and 15, 2025.

We just cooked up the Nash Yarn Fest website, the place to watch as it all comes together.


Nash Yarn Fest will be a time to celebrate everything we love about the knitting world.

You’ll have the chance to learn, to shop, to be entertained.

To make new friends and to reunite with dear ones.

We’ll start the fun on Friday night, March 14, and go all day on Saturday the 15th.

The place? The Fairgrounds Nashville, in a new, state-of-the-art, fully accessible space, 50,000 square feet.

Amusements and surprises are afoot, classes are being created, and vendors are signing on. More than anything, Nash Yarn Fest is going to be a party for the ages.

We’ll keep you posted on Nash Yarn Fest as it develops—subscribe to our Nash Yarn Fest newsletter here for updates and announcements of classes and ticket sales.

Want to join us as a vendor? Here’s the information.

Want to teach? Please write us. We have space for a limited number of classes.

Want to be a sponsor of this inaugural event? We’d love to talk—please be in touch.

Want to come? We’ll let you know ahead of time when tickets and workshop registration will be available—sign up here.

If you’ve wanted to visit Nashville, this is your message from the universe to join us. We can’t wait to welcome you!


Ann and Kay


  • Yay!! This is VERY exciting news!!!

  • I SO wish I could go, but it’s too far for me. (Unless someone wants to sponsor me for my birthday, which is the 13th… Lol)

    • My name is Karen too! And my birthday is March 13th. Must be a sign that we both should go.

  • I’m going to try to come from Oz. So excited about the idea.

  • Woot woot!

  • Looking forward to it!!

  • Hooray for this big undertaking. Looking forward to all the great news about this weekend.

    • Already making my “Tinkers” group aware that we’re going in a road trip next March. Can’t wait!!!!’

  • Wow!

  • This IS exciting news!! Yay for y’all, and for us!

  • This is a wonderful idea. I know it will be done with the class and creativity you two bring to everything you do

  • This is SO exciting. I may combust!

  • So exciting! Can’t join you but wish you and all the lucky attendees the best

  • I know I’m coming!

  • Oh this sounds fantastic, Nashville and yarn and MDK! I’d love to be a part of it. ❤️

  • Holy Moly! This would make an awesome road trip for me. I’m moving to Ohio in 3 months. I’ll have plenty of time for attending. Retirement is looking sweeter!

  • Since this event is taking place on Pi Day, may we assume there will be pie? ::yum::

    • Oh that’s so cool, I don’t think we had realized that!

  • Yay!!! I’ve been wanting to revisit Nashville…

  • WOOHOO! Great news!

  • I can’t wait! I’ve been wanting to travel back to Nashville ever since meeting you two at the Arne and Carlos event in November 2022!

  • Already thinking about how I can enjoy the yarn fest while my husband checks out Gruhn and Carter guitar stores!

  • Wow!

  • Hotel rez is made. Very excited to visit and join the fun,.

  • Beware the Ides of March, Caesar – pretty sure you didn’t think of that when choosing the dates

  • What Fun!!!

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