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I’m not saying that having our own yarn shop makes us feel drunk with power—but I’m not NOT saying that. Every once in a while, a great notion takes hold of us, and we get to make it happen, to fulfill that wish.

That’s the story of the Earth Stripe Wrap Bundle, in a nutshell. Ann and I saw it on the cover of a magazine years ago, and immediately started sending each other breathless emails. The Earth Stripe Wrap has remained etched on our souls ever since.

I mean, look at it:

It’s translucent, yet fluffy.

Only Kaffe Fassett could dive into Rowan’s dazzling, bewilderingly broad color range for Kidsilk Haze, and come up clasping these precise colors, and then combining them—in two-strand marls—for a wrap this rich, deep, and subtle. This is artistry. This is why we knit.

The Earth Stripe Wrap will make people gasp at its beauty, but it’s utterly simple knitting: stockinette stripes that go on and on, with a lanky, lush fringe that takes it over the top. Sometimes, more really is more—and this is one of those times.

One thing we know as knitters: to make a bucket-list, polychrome piece like this, you need either (1) superknitterly tenacity, to source all the right colors in the right quantities, or (2) a kit.

We decided the kit was the way to go.

These simple balls of Kidsilk Haze + Kaffe Fassett’s playful and painterly imagination = extraordinary beauty.

As beautiful as these pictures by Chris Sharp are, photography cannot completely capture the nuanced gorgeousness of these marled stripes—or the way the Earth Stripe Wrap makes us feel.

We don’t want to tell you what to do, but we strongly suggest that you make this for yourself and no one else. It’s all yours.

Update: We’re thrilled that you love the Earth Stripe Wrap Bundle as much as we do, but we’re sad that it’s now sold out, and we won’t be restocking before the end of the year. For all you Kidsilk Haze Spelunkers out there, the shade list is in the product listing. Thanks so much for your support and understanding.


  • I have knit this, making it longer than suggested! It was wonderful to see the colour combinations emerging, making it a quick and delightful knit. I used tassels at the four corners rather than a full fringe; it is so warm! Just knit it…

  • Not sure why it took me until this moment today to think of: Kaffe Fasset + Stephen West. The SW version of this would be not marled, just doubled, to amp up the color. Or? And? Some kidsilk haze and some just silk to give it droop and fluff. Because really, I’m looking at this wondering if it would leave me a bunch of leftover tidbits of kidsilk haze, to throw into some SW I want to knit.

    • It’s funny, I had the same thoughts as you with SW and Kaffe Fasset, and how much alike they are with their color. I’ve just started to be a fan of SW but have never knit anything of either.

  • Thank you. Just thank you.

    • You’re welcome. <3

  • As Tropical Storm Nicole rages outside, this wrap took me to another place! Thank you!

  • It’s pretty. The only two problems for me are mohair and all that fringe.

  • I too have knit this – just recently in fact – and LOVE how it looks and feels. I’m so enamored with this that I’m already thinking of making another one using different color combinations. Kaffe and Stephen are both favorites of mine and mainly for their color sense.

    The only thing I didn’t do with my wrap was to use any fringe at all. I’m just not a fringe person. To me, it’s just as lovely without it.

    • I am certain it is lovely without the fringe! And then you have more or bigger little nubbins of Kid Silk Haze to hoard like precious rubies. (That’s just me that hoards them?)

  • Kay, you sure know how to make a person NEED a product. Your way with words..

    • When I feel strongly I really get going, don’t I? :))))

  • Wondering how the edges are finished off? Ravelry contributors frequently mention they are not happy with the crochet finish. These photos look like the edges are neat and orderly. What about the numerous ends? Are they woven in?

    • The pattern is available for free on

      The pattern calls for a crochet edging after the piece is knitted. I agree that our photos of the sample (which we had to return—sob!) show 2 stitches of garter in a single color at the edge, and that is the way I would do it. I would start off knitting 2 garter ridges in that color, and then continue to knit 2 stitches on the two edges in that color for the whole wrap, then finish with 2 garter ridges of that color.

      Re: the color changes, Kid Silk Haze makes this effortless and bulk-free—you just continue knitting with one strand of both the old color(s) and the new color(s) for a few stitches, then cut the old color(s). If you do the 2 stitches of garter at the edge, that makes this switch happen well inside the edge, for extra neatness. The thin-ness of Kid Silk Haze is a real asset here.

      • Still a semi-beginner…this would mean knitting two rows at beginning and end of wrap and then knitting 2 stitches at the beginning and end of each row, even on the purl side? Would you carry that yarn up the side?

      • Excellent. Thank you. I’m ordering. x

      • I find knitting with the old and new colors at the start of a color change to be easier than spit-felting, but spit-felting might also work. Can’t be sure until you try!

    • same question : how to manage the numerous color changes? it looks like there are two (3?) garter stitches on each side?same colour all along the edges…

      • I have the same question as well. Thank you.

      • I wonder if this yarn can be spit felted? Spoiled doing the temperature blanket-no ends to weave.

  • Cannot wait to start this!!! Seeing the kit in person, and feeling the fabulous yarn, pushed me over the edge and I had to buy it!!

    • As soon as you left, Mia, Ann texted me that you’d gotten the Earth Stripe, so we could both sighhhhhhhhh… sure to share a photo of yours!

      • I definitely will!

  • OUT OF STOCK, already?? I am so disappointed. Hope it comes in soon.

  • I think currently knitting Gossamer is a gateway knit for Kidsilk Haze held double projects! And I’m a swooner for Kaffe’s stripes any day.

  • I remember when this issue of Rowan came out – and making kits of KSH for it at the shop I worked in then. Such fun to see them in progress and finished.

  • Oh no! Out of stock. Please lmk when you have it again. Thank you.

  • Well, that sold out in a hot minute! I think I’d do tiny tassels instead of all that fringe. Truly beautiful colors.

  • The moment I saw that you had a KIT! for this project I have lusted after for years (decades?) I ran upstairs to grab my credit card! No hesitation, no second guessing. Thanks so much for making this kit available. I can’t wait to open the box and see all these glorious colors together!

  • That was quick!

  • Where do I find the product listing to get the shades of Kid Silk Haze used in the Earth Stripe Wrap?

  • When the kits are restocked, I want to be able to order one. Is it possible to send an email for me to be able to order? If not, I understand the volume of emails would be overwhelming. Still, if you are able to let me know, THANK YOU in advance. Jane Cole/

  • O. M. G please please let me know when you get more in stock! It’s is stunning! Thank you!

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