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Dear Kay,

With our current MDK Gems celebration of Isager Tvinni running at the moment (save 10% with coupon code TVINNI), let’s take a look at a couple of designs that are Tvinni friendly.

Tvinni Idea No. 1: Mood Cardigan by Jeanette Sloan

Wandering the aisles of MDK World HQ is maybe my best procrastination technique.

Recently, I arrived at our array of Isager Tvinni yarn, quickly ignored whatever deadline had sent me a-wanderin’, and sat down in the aisle with the pattern for the Mood Cardigan. I’ve had it in my head that Isager Tvinni yarn and the Mood Cardigan seemed like a good idea.

I’m here to report that I’m having a swell time with this yarn and this pattern by Jeanette Sloan, one of her modern lace designs from Field Guide No. 15: Open.

Jeanette really nailed this design—it is two rectangles worked separately, then joined, and clever edgings are added that make it a piece to wear two ways. Here she is, showing it with the mitered border at the top.

(Hi Jeanette!) And here she is, with the mitered border at the bottom. Right side up, upside down? Either way, it’s cool.

I’m using Tvinni color 11s, a right-down-the-middle blue.

It’s dyed on a gray base, resulting in this beautiful, subtle depth. Thirteen of the twenty colors in the MDK Shop have this gray base.

I guess the usual caveats apply when substituting a yarn: your mileage may vary, the quantity of yarn required may differ, the resulting knitted fabric may not be the same, gauge may shift, all that stuff. But I think most of us knitters know all this, and it’s an irresistible temptation to swap out a yarn, especially when it looks like a close match.

A basic rule of substitution is to swatch carefully and wash your swatch. You’ll learn a lot, most important a) whether you’re getting gauge and b) whether you like the fabric you’re getting.

My swatch is the entire first piece of the cardigan, not gonna lie. I kind of just dove in on the second size, aiming for a lot of ease, wanting a ginormous cocoon.

So pretty.

My estimate for the number of skeins required?

11 skeins Tvinni for bust sizes 30–36 (38–44, 46–52, 54–60) inches or 76–91.5 (96.5–112, 117–132) cm.

13 skeins Tvinni for bust size 54-60 inches or 137-152 cm.

Tvinni Idea No. 2: Granada Wrap by Eweknit Toronto

From Claudia Q of the (gorgeous) yarn shop EweKnit Toronto comes this absolutely delicious square shawl. Granada is one of the beauties of 52 Weeks of Shawls. (We have a few copies of that wonderful tome left right here if you’re looking for a delicious escape.) In addition, the design is now available as a single-pattern download on Ravelry.

Knit-purl textures are the star here, and Claudia really aces the interplay of various textures. So good. Six skeins of Isager Tvinni is what you need here.

And don’t forget: our MDK Gems runs through Monday, April 25. 10% off Isager Tvinni with the coupon code TVINNI.


  • That is one beautiful gauge swatch!!!! Beautiful colors for both examples!!!

  • Love the blue and the mood cardigan!

  • Looking forward to seeing more of your Mood Cardigan, love the color!

  • i just finished my Mood cardigan and made it much larger than how Jeanette is wearing hers. When you go larger, it fits more like a kimono. I love mine!

    • How about sending us a picture?! Would love to see it and dream ….

  • thanks for reminder for mood cardigan!

  • I will also say thanks for Mood Cardigan reminder. Started mine when the field guide first came out. Ready to put it together but put it away instead. Time to get it back out and finish for spring wearing!!

  • Hi, aye you using the TVINNI doubled for this? Cannot wait to make it! Love TVINNI!

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