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Dear Kay,

Sometimes all you gotta do is size up, and it changes everything.

Bigger needles, bigger dickie.

Those of you following my dickie adventures may recall last week, I had a somewhat mixed yet not unsatisfying experience with my first dickie, the Kos Neckwarmer from Arne & Carlos in Field Guide No. 23: Glow.

I learned a lot—confidence-building lessons, not the crush-my-soul sort. This project is fast and fun enough that I immediately cooked up another colorway and jumped right back onto the dickie bandwagon.

This is Rowan Norwegian Wool in (from the bottom) Peat, Coastal Fjord, Daphne, and Frost Grey.

It’s a completely different vibe from last week’s colorway: Gold Nugget, Frost Pink, Frost Grey, and Wind Chime.

It’s fun to see the Kos Neckwarmers happening in the Lounge, where the Great Dickie-along is under way. And there are more color explosions over on Ravelry. It looks totally different depending on what you do with your color. A fair amount of stashbusting going on, which is always fun.

Our Great Dickie-along continues through April 7, which by my clock allows at least two or three potential dickies to fly off your needles.

I’m going out on a limb and guessing that maybe a lot of you have never knitted a dickie. I certainly hadn’t. But as I wore this little snuggler on a long walk on Sunday—on a weekend where the low was 21 degrees in Nashville—I felt positively Norwegian. It was just the thing. These dickies are what knitting is all about: practical, fun, a smile.




  • You’re so prolific, Ann! Glad you felt Norwegian while wearing your Kos and being cozy. It’s great being Scandinavian!!

    • I would love to be Scandinavian!

  • These colors look great on you.

    • Chuffed that it coordinates with my MAINE t-shirt. #stylegoals

  • Since I am stash busting, my yarn is heavier so my needles are too. But I took out too many repeats in the first dickie. I’m mostly done with my second dickie, which I’m fairly sure will fit properly… We are having similar adventures this time, lol. At least I know I’m in good company. The first one fits my daughter perfectly, so when I finish this one, we will pose together to show in the lounge. We may or may not have an opportunity to actually wear them now here in Maryland. Some days are still windy enough.

    • These dickies are strangely comforting, you know? Really love the hug it gives.

    • Oh, and I love those blues!

  • I love the dickies, but am curious about the book on your shelf, Burial Rites. Knitted shrouds?

    • Ha! It’s a historical novel set in Iceland, really wonderful and evocative of what it must have been like to live in 19th-century Iceland. Basically: ISOLATED!

  • What a cute picture of you Anne.

  • I’ve worn dickies for years, but as a simple item to wear under a shirt or sweater to keep the neck warm. I even have a couple that look like the top of an Oxford cloth shirt.

  • Your dickie looks great! I love those blue hearts.

  • Love the blues!

  • I wonder if anyone knows why they are called dickies. Dickies in my world are either of the flying variety with feathers and wings or in more usual parlance – nits.

  • How many skeins of yarn each for the Arne Kos Dickie in blue? I would really like to make this and don’t want to order wrong amounts. Would someone be able to help me out here?

    • The original neck warmer used 5 skeins. Are 5 skeins of yarn required for this blue neck warmer or only 4? And if 5 are used what color requires 2 skeins? Thank you.

      • Hi yall! It’s one skein for each of four colors, because I decided to make the collar black (Peat, it’s called) rather than the Coastal Fjord which would have been the color to use if I’d followed the exact color order in the pattern. If you want the Coastal Fjord for the collar rather than Peat, you’ll need a second skein of Coastal Fjord. Hope you have fun with this! ; )

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