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Hello everybody,

We wanted to tell you today about an amazing fundraiser in the knitting community. Started by designer and teacher Laura Nelkin, and now in its third year, Knit for Food is a 12-hour knit-a-thon that raises money to relieve hunger in our nation and world.

A lot of money.

In 2021, over $265,000. (Dollars!)

In 2022, over $271,000. (Cash money!)

And in 2023, with more than 2 weeks left before the day of the knit-a-thon (March 26), they’re well on their way to crushing past records.

Where does the money go?

The funds raised are divided equally among these 4 organizations:
Feeding America 

World Central Kitchen

No Kid Hungry

Meals on Wheels

Click on the links to learn more—these are organizations with a proven track record of alleviating hunger and food insecurity. They are charities that you may already know and support, and now you can support them with your fellow knitters.

What is the knit-a-thon?

It sounds like a heck of a party will happen on March 26, with myriad ways to get together virtually and in person, wherever you live.

But they had us at “12 hours of knitting.”  Read about all the ways to join the fun here.

How can we support?

There are 2 ways to support Knit for Food.

  1. You can join the knit-a-thon by setting up a fundraiser page and raising money from friends, family, and followers. This is the option with maximum fun and fellowship.
  2. You can simply donate. Look at all the knitters, crocheters, and crafters who will be handworking their hearts out on March 26 here. Pick one, smash that donate button, and feel good about being a part of a community project that is making a real difference.

And of course, you can support Knit for Food by sharing their content all over the internet, starting with their Instagram hashtag.

Want to be inspired?

If you know Gaye Glasspie aka @ggmadeit, aka Team GG—you know that she doesn’t do things by halves. Gaye is a big supporter of Knit for Food, and one of its top fundraisers. Watch her short video up top, and be inspired by the story of Gaye’s beloved mother’s long-lasting legacy.  I think many of us can think of a loved one or ancestor who gave of themselves to make sure others were not hungry; now we have a chance to honor them by supporting Knit for Food. Find GG’s fundraising page here.

Thank you GG! Thank you Laura!  Thank you every single Knit for Food fundraiser and knitter! We can’t wait to see what you all do this year, with all of us behind you, united.


Ann and Kay


  • This is SUCH a great cause!! And how fun!! Thank you for spreading the word and thank you Laura!!

  • I assume you could also donate some stash to help.
    What happens to the finished pieces?

    • It’s up to the knitter. I know some people have put items up for auction and donated the proceeds. I’m thinking about doing that. It will be my second year participating.

  • I found the Knit for Food Knit-a-thin last year and participated. Already set up my fundraising page for this year! I have my yarn all set and ready to go ( I’m making socks for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life). This knit-a-thon is a great day of fun with virtual events and camaraderie! I encourage all to join and raise money to end food insecurity!

  • This is my third year participating in the Knit a Thon. I am so lucky to call Laura a friend and proud of the fiber community for coming together for such an important cause. Thank you Ann, Kay and GG for joining the team! Together we can make a difference.

    • I am lucky to call you friend sweet JB! Xoxo

  • Thank you so much for spreading the word. This is neat and dear to my heart. How do they say “there, but for the grace of God, go I” I grew up on the welfare system. I grew up with people who knew hunger intimately. That was over 50 years ago. It’s time for a change

  • I’m participating for the 3rd time this year. It’s a fantastic event and a wonderful way for us to use our skills to do even more good in the world. Thanks for the shout out and the support! ❤

  • Huge Thanks for sharing Knit for Food with your people, Ann and Kay! xoxo

  • What a great way to give back doing what we love to do. Thanks for alerting us all

  • Thanks, Ann and Kay, for showing Knit for Food some love! This will be my third year participating and I’m flexing all my knitting muscles and stocking up on snacks! All, if you’re not knitting along, please consider donating to this very worthy cause.

  • The best thing, or one of the best things about MDK, how you combine knitting and social awareness. Thank you for alerting us to this good cause.

  • I’ve donated in the past, but this year I’m knitting for food, too! If you’re local to Portland, Oregon you can come knit with us from noon to 5 pm at Fremont United Methodist Church. You don’t have to knit alone (unless you want to). Check the Knitting for Food webpage for meet ups in your community.

  • Thank you for sharing Knit for Food with all of us! This is my third year participating and I love watching all the giving unfold! The way you have told the Knit for Food Knit-a-thon story is spot-on! Let’s keep spreading the word!

  • Hunger in our Country as well as homelessness must not exist in this Country anymore and I cringe when I see the Tesla(s) pass the homeless camps

  • Thanks for spreading such a good and needed day of knitting. I am thinking of joining

    • Sunny, you should join us by all means. It is an incredibly fun day. Raise $100 and you’ll get the zoom link for the day. You’ll meet fellow fiber enthusiasts, hear about the the charities and just have a lot of fun, laughs and comradarie. Many of us use the day to knit for other charities so it becomes a double whammy. Personally i decided to do a drawing for a set of 3 knitted wash/dish cloths for one lucky donor. Like so many others here who have commented, this is my 3rd year of knitting for the cause!

  • Love this! I’m a big Jeopardy fan, and one of the contestants a few weeks ago was also a participant in this worthy cause and gave it a mention on the air.

  • What a great cause

  • Can you participate for part of the day?

    • No time is too short nor is any amount too small. Besides who is going to know if you are there the entire time or not. I do 10 to 10 in my local time zone. I cannot do the eastern daylight time zone so I think we all make whatever modifications are necessary to make things work for us as an individual.

  • Yes, thank you so much for highlighting this very knit/crochet/and all things fiber-worthy cause! Laura plans a very fun, educational and eye-opening event. In the past two years we learned that one in three children in the US are food insecure (1 in 3) which is totally unacceptable! We also learned from the organizations she partners with that one dollar ($1!) can provide up to ten (10!) meals to those in need. So the money we raise can feed a whole lotta people! Please consider participating in any way you can. Together we can craft a better world…

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