Little Lessons: Creating Pockets

February 22, 2023

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  • Brilliant! I love pockets. This tutorial makes me so happy!

    • Thank you for this excellent tutorial and for your nice and calm explanation. You give us courage to try new structures in knitting.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more about Jen’s brilliance! I am, as always, delighted to see another of her tutorials.

  • Thank you!! So clever!!

  • I have been avoiding sweaters with pockets, but no longer! The video will be added to my YouTube library of favorites. Thank you!

  • The clever pocket and the fun motif I chose for it on my Destination Pullover remains one of my most delightful knitting experiences! It was easy, fun, and functional for my first pocket.

  • So timely! I started a Destination pullover recently. Not out of Lopi (I’m stash busting) but I’m thrilled to have this tutorial. Thanks!

  • What a wonderful lesson. Especially learning how to sew in the pocket sides will be helpful.

  • Kids love pockets! On the pocket piece for little kids I have added a little whimsy….a heart, a half moon, initials, It’s like a secret!

  • So glad you’re back Jen!

    I remember the joy in making and satisfaction in finishing my first pocket on my first cardigan….

  • The tutorial you want for the pockets you need (and vice versa). Thank you!

  • Terrific! And so nice to see Jen back.

  • Oh gosh I have never looked at smiles and frowns so very closely. Thank you, this was a great tutorial. I probably won’t be joining the KAL but I will be knitting a Destination pullover as soon as I decide the colour sequence from all the Lettlopi in my stash.
    Thank you again. You demystified the pocket construction.

  • I don’t even like pockets but just hearing Jen’s explanation and seeing her lovely work creates a nearly irresistible urge! Smiling stitches, tidy work – I have missed Jen’s voice!

  • Pocket power!! And I always love Jen’s calm, reassuring voice while she explains without over explaining,

  • Thanks – I found this extremely insightful and helpful. I am sure the next time I have a pocket project I will be much happier with the outcome.

  • Most helpful! When I ever get my Oban Cardigan out of the languishing WIP pile, I will be sure to refer to this video.

  • I feel like I could do this now! Thank you Jen!

  • I can’t help but joyfully acknowledge the perfect LOTR reference. Thank you 🙂

  • Jen,
    So happy to see you back! I just love your lessons.

  • Welcome back, Jen! I have a vest that I wish I’d made with pockets. Is there a magic way to come back and add them?

    • Hi Pennie! Yes, you can add afterthought pockets to your knitting. Here is a YouTube link to a tutorial:
      I hope that helps!

      • Lovely to see you back. Have you noticed the link to your website is out of date? It needs amending to ACTechniques.

  • Thank you for this great tutorial! Several years ago my grandson asked that I knit him a cardigan with pockets. I hadn’t made pockets before and had a difficult time finding good instructions, especially for sewing down the pocket liner. These instructions are the best I’ve seen.

  • Great tutorial, I have another tip. Rather than casting off the garment stitches I leave them on a stitch holder and then knit a few rows of 2by2 rib to give my pocket a nice edge, sewing down the side edges to the front of the garment. You could use garter stitch instead of rib if that fits the style of garment better

  • Who doesn’t love a pocket!?!? Thank you for the tutorial!

  • There was a moment at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival a few years back when I almost bought(!) a handknit sweater (I know, right?!) but a split-second after reaching for the price tag I realized that what I really wanted was the Liberty-lined pocket 🙂