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Dear Kay,

There are maybe twenty rows of knitting between me and a finished Pressed Flowers Cowl.

I could be done in a zipzap minute.

But for some reason, I keep not finishing it. I think it may be because I am loving this project so much. It is everything: clever, quick, and full of surprises. It’s such an end-of-camp feeling—hanging out the bus window howling “I don’t wanna goooooooooooo.”

The mosaic stitch pattern is so nice, a good intro to this way of slip-stitch knitting.

The back side looks as beautiful as the front. This is MDK Atlas in Leek for the main color, Spincycle Dream State in Salty Dog for the flowers. (Three skeins of Atlas for the main color, two skeins of Dream State for flowers.)

If you haven’t yet clambered onto the Amy Christoffers Bandwagon of Pressed Flowers, I don’t know what to say except that it is a really great bandwagon. There’s a whole rundown of the Pressed Flowers patterns and color ideas in my post last week. (Here you go.)

(Be sure to go see all that high-quality content—it was frankly one of those posts that took forever.)

Pressed Flowers is a situation where you can choose your dosage.

Hat: Fastest.

Cowl: Longest.

Shawl: Biggest.

Cardigan: For when you gotta have sleeves.

They’re all superb designs. I dunno. When something’s fun, I want to get everybody to do the fun thing.




  • Join the Pressed Flowers Bandwagon – it’s the best! Just finished my cowl and love it and want to cast on another. My cardigan is probably one of my favorite knits of all time.

  • I’m Team Cardigan and can’t wait to start! Yarn is here in the clubhouse, and I hope to wind it today.

  • I’m doing a slightly different riff on the cowl and anxiously awaiting a pullover!

  • I’ve got a huge Pressed Flowers wrap that I love, and I think a cardigan might have to join it sometime soon. It is SUCH a fun pattern!

  • Can this pattern be made with written instructions only? Have no experience with charts, and I would love to make this cowl

    • Yes, the cowl pattern has written instructions as well.

      • Thank you Margaret!

    • Yes, the ravelry download has both written and charts.

      • Thank you Ann!

  • A very important question: how heavy is the fabric created in Pressed Flowers? I do best in lighter weight sweaters, no heavier than a worsted weight. My instinct is that this cardigan would end up an aran weight. I hope you can tell me I’m wrong!

    • I made my shawl in DK weight and a 7 needle to get it a little lighter. It worked. Atlas is so versatile I imagine a larger needle would lighten it too. Notes on Ravelry. LucyFlemingKpt

      • Thanks, Lucy!

  • I love your cowl! The shawl captivated me when it was released and the fun of knitting elevated it to an all-time favorite! The differing vibes of all the color combinations is fascinating. My cardigan yarn is waiting patiently to be wound and knitted, as the cowl jumped to the head of the cast-on line.

  • Kay, I did go over to your recent post and read the “high quality” content. It was a great post and thank you for sharing it with us!

  • I am truly enjoying my first pressed flowers project, which is the cowl. Making with alpaca and finn sheep yarns, so soft!

  • You’re such a great cheerleader!

  • I haven’t knit a Pressed Flowers item yet but either the cowl or the cardi is seducing me. What a clever use of slipped stitch! Two of my favorite patterns use slip stitch (the Linoleum Dishrag and The Shift Cowl — both so fun I have made several each and I never do that), so I know Ima gonna LOVE knitting a Pressed Flowers thing! And I love pressed flowers! What a cool thing. The only hard part will be choosing colors. Yum.

  • I’m kind of about to buy a pattern and make a one woman bandwagon of pressed flowers coasters.

  • Has anyone knit a cowl with a black background (or light black) with cream flowers? Looking all over for a picture.

  • I Love Love LOVE your color combo! I have knit the pressed flowers shawl and am eyeing my stash to knit the cardigan. You are right, it’s a great bandwagon!

  • I’m half done with the cowl in Atlas navy and nostalgia. Love it. The cardigan is next.

  • I’d love to see this pattern for a little girl’s dress.

  • Looks like it would make a lovely cushion cover also. Hmmm…

  • I made the shawl and I loved the way it turned out and the pattern was very easy to follow

  • I’ve had the Pressed Flowers shawl with a color-shifting yarn for the flowers on my Ravelry list since it came out and contemplate it from time to time because it seemed so beautiful and fun. But me and my other knitwearers just don’t wear triangle shawls much. Saw the cowl, got the yarn, and swatched last night. Perfect knitting to celebrate the start of spring!

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