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  • Thank you for sharing…I love sit and knit for a bit. I appreciate your opinion why their knitted garments look so stunning.

  • Thanks for the technical explanation of the yarn designed by my favorites Arne & Carlos.

  • Feather and fan was my first lace – to which I arrived kicking and screaming. I will always be grateful to my knitting friend who forced (coerced, coddled, nursed) my reluctant newbie self through the eighteen-stitch process to become easily proficient in this my first, and practically only, lace. It looks absolutely beautiful in that red Norwegian wool. And has me thinking…

  • I love your enthusiasm for this new yarn! Those blue dashes look alive!

  • Geez, now I want every color of this yarn, right now. Every color and many balls of them. More than I did when it first came out.

  • This is a brilliant article, Jillian! I really appreciate all the descriptions, photos, examples. A big help for future projects. Thank you!

  • Never would’ve thought of knitting a ballband dishcloth in one color…I like it!

    • Me, too! Who would have thought how lovely it looks in one gorgeous color?!

  • To whoever wrote the teaser in the email: Good one! Now I’ve been humming that song all morning, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

  • This is exciting news. Thank you for the research! The yarn is beautiful and Rowan quality is always outstanding. Arne and Carlos are a blessing to the knitting world!

  • I look forward to trying Norwegian wool. Looks lovely and great colors. Good job Arne and Carlos!