Knit to This: World Premiere! Merle Hazard Is Here

By Ann Shayne
December 10, 2022
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  • That was so delightful! Thanks for the introduction to Merle.

  • I always love hearing a new song by Merle. He’s the best!!

    • Just what I needed to start my day with a smile❤️he’s a keeper

  • What a wonderful gift, so glad Merle is back!

  • Strange, I was just recently wondering what Merle was up to.

  • What a great pair you are! Warp(ed) and (be)wefted. We absolutely love your humor!

  • What a hoot! So clever. Also, is he as kind as his eyes portray?

  • Awwww

  • What a lucky woman you are Ann Shayne!!

  • Oh Merle. Oh my goodness, laughter and tears. How beautifully sweet and brilliant. You tell me of string theory, I’m stringing my guitar. You’re at a conference, I’m singing in a bar … I’ll take the chorus, you’ll take the universe. Verklempt.

  • This is TERRIFIC!!! Thank you for sharing. He cracks me up every time and made a rainy Saturday fun.

    • My oh my a country hunk!

  • I am relatively new to MDK so this was my first encounter with Merle- Thanks for sharing-loved it!

  • The best love song ever!

  • Oh my goodness – just what I needed this morning! I love him!

  • String theory! Such a funny guy!

  • Who knew? Thanks for sharing!

  • Too precious!!

  • You and Jon rock my world in different and joyful ways! Thank you for making the world a better place. Wishing you all the things you wish for yourselves.

  • A labor of love in every sense! I never fail to be amazed at the fecundity of Merle.

  • Bravo!

  • A pleasure to see Merle again! And how did I miss the 2019 Song of the Year!?

  • Loved these!

  • The best!!!! I vote for Song of the Year. Nice to see a man sing so beautifully while acknowledging he married up…..What a great mix of both your worlds. Thank you.

  • So fun to see Merle again – and I’d missed the Atonal song of the year — with Alison Krauss no less. I’m sure she felt fortunate to be on stage with such a legend!


  • Excellent! I must have more

  • That was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!

  • Thank You! That brought a tear to my eyes. Living with my husband who suffers from dementia I only get to spend time with him in bits and pieces but I am always thrilled when I catch a short glimpse of the man I married.

  • Thank you, that was so much fun!

  • I loved this! Even got an earworm 🙂 You two are so lucky to have each other.

  • Awesome!

  • I’m a huge Merle fan! A love song this time. What a treat!

    • I did not see a love song coming! Merle is full of surprises, and this one takes the prize for tenderness. At one point he told me “it’s about Ann,” and I wanted to say “no shit!” but one simply would not speak to Merle in that manner.

  • Loved this. Thanks so much for sharing it as I would never have found this on my own.

  • I love this so much!!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  • As an old music major, Atonal Music made me laugh until I cried. I remember an atonal choral piece that nearly drove me insane. Thanks for introducing us to your brilliant other half. It made my week, and I’m now a Merle Hazzard groupie!!!

  • Oh my! Just too wonderful!

  • This is awesome! Humorous and sweet.