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  • Inspiring. Beautiful to see each individual’s creativity shine through using the same pattern modified to fit their needs and personality.

  • My daughter lived in LA for several years and I’m in New Hampshire. We did a mini KAL and loved it!! Hoping to do another soon now that she’s in Austin. It’s really fun yo model when we’re together.

  • Where can I get the pattern for the Lento sweater?

    • If you click the name of the sweater in the article it takes you to the Ravelry page for it. I just did!

  • I love this post!! It is so much fun to be introduced to some great patterns. All the variations were so well explained and so inspiring! … and seeing five beautiful smiles looking back at me so early in the morning was a vitamin for my morning grumpies!!! Thank you!!

  • I loved this story: I loved hearing about your group, and seeing the pictures, with all the pictures; every sweater the same but different, just as friends are. This spring, an online KAL with online friends coerced me into making a sweater I probably would not have chosen to make, but it has become my favorite of the season. I hope you show us what your group does next!

  • This was a great pattern review — love love love seeing the sweaters on every one with the slight variations. Queuing up the Lento…..thanks Dana!.

  • So glad you’re back, Dana — I’ve missed you! And thanks for sharing this wonderful kaleidoscope of creativity.

  • I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Dana, you are all the rainbows! 🙂

    Was super happy to see todays post is from you. And your Ferda. The rainbows. So! Much! Good!

    I’ve been classically TERRIBLE at being part of KALs, but I was just thinking one of my goals for 2023 is creating more intentional community – thank you for the reminder of this way to do it.

  • I love Dana’s sweaters for her and her pup! She has a great eye for color and patterns.

  • I love this story! Thanks for sharing 😀

  • Thank you, Dana for bringing the joy we experience with our knitting 🙂 sweater joy, friend joy, color and texture joy – all that’s missing from this post are those incredibly adorable dogs!!

  • I love seeing the variety of colors, fabrics, and modifications you came up with from the same pattern – it’s part of what makes knitting magical, isn’t it? Every combo of these three sweaters is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not a rainbow knitter but every time you show something new in rainbow colors, I feel the itch to do some rainbow knitting!
    I have a small crafting group I love getting together with, though two of us usually knit and two usually crochet. We’ve yet to figure out a KAL or CAL, but getting together for our craft parties is truly joyful.

  • The happiness and friendship is palpable from your photos, thanks for your lovely post Dana! After searching for a local knitting group to join with no success, I helped to form one recently and it truly is a highlight of my week, for all the reasons you mentioned. Knitters are the best!

  • What a great post to read this morning. And I love the idea of a strand of feather yarn or mohair with a strand of fingering!

  • What fun! You all look great, and so do your sweaters.

  • I keep going back to that Sheep Camp picture! You are lucky to have this group (and those sweater 😉 )

  • Marvellous! As a reader, I love seeing the variations. What fun and what great support. I’m also interested in combining yarns, and I needed this encouragement.

  • Love, love, love the knitting friends and the variations on the sweater patterns!! I love all those smiles that show friendship and knitting projects well done. Congratulations ladies!!

  • Thank you Dana, for sharing all the sweaters and your friendships! It is fascinating how small changes make a big difference.

  • I have always loved Jennifer’s Sheep Camp Sweater. To see it up there times 5 makes it even better.

  • This is so fun! I love seeing the variations of the projects and how they look on different shapes and sized. Makes me long for a knitting group of my own.

  • Another fun and I spring column, thank you. Your rainbow sweater is FANtaboulous!

  • I agree, knitting or crocheting with friends is so much more fun! A few years ago I hosted an online group where we each made a throw blanket from squares. We shared our progress weekly and allowed 3 months to finish up. Only one person didn’t finish in the time allowed, but it be wasn’t a strict deadline anyway. Each of us had different interpretations and all were beautiful. For mine, I made a checkerboard pattern using flower grannies in many colors, alternating with various crochet cable blocks in sage green. I still use it often and it reminds me of my friends – almost like getting a hug from them.