Gossamer: A Beginner’s Guide

November 30, 2022

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  • Thanks for the tips and the explanation!

  • Thank you! Happy holidays everyone.

    • Elena Bucheli, Quito Ecuador
      I like knitting but I am not a profesional. Your tips are a great help yo me. Thanks!

  • Thank you, Kate. These small finishing touches make a big difference. I am putting this information with the pattern.

    Gossamer is on my list. A simple, versatile piece that adds a level of interest (and warmth) as a pop of color for dark winter days or a chic and subtle neutral for an elegant finish. I might need to make two….

  • My Gossamer is done and ready for blocking, so these tips will have to be applied to future projects. The slip stitch info for the start of the row is golden!

  • I love the way you explain things Kate. You make even things I thought I knew more concrete. And when I’m teaching I often ‘borrow’ your explanations as they are simple and straightforward. Thank you!

  • Great tips – I love that you explain every.little.bit. I wish more patterns were that specific.

  • Thank you, Kate. The best explanations as always. Can’t wait to cast mine on in January! Has anyone found a source for those beautiful little buttons?

  • Thank you Kate. I really appreciate your explanation of starting the row with slip stitches. Can’t wait to get started.

  • I’m 3/4 finished with the back and wish I had known about where the yarn goes on a slip stitch at the beginning of a row. I hope it won’t make that much difference. This project is taking me longer than I hoped but I’m sure I will love the final result!

  • Perhaps when you press is blocked the running will stand out more. It’s a bit hard to see in your photo.

  • Bookmarked this one, as the when-and-how-to-slip rule is in the list of knitting lessons I wish I knew by heart. Thank you!

  • Thank you for the very helpful advise!

  • Kate, thanks for sharing these tips- it makes it a lot less scary than working it out over and over!!

  • Thanks for these tips, Kate!

  • Love this vest can I get the pattern?

  • Beautiful, intelligent wording, great fun to read about- working toward a life where I will have to time to knit

  • Thank you, Kate! I just cast on a Gossamer for a dear friend’s upcoming milestone birthday! I’m using 2 different shade of purple together and the colour is wonderful. I’ve finished the ribbing and the first buttonhole, but had some questions in my mind before continuing. Now that I’ve come across your tips and photos I need not look any further!