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Dear Ann,

You have to listen to this episode of the excellent Song Exploder podcast.

It’s about the making of a song that was a mega hit back in 1987, and took on a new life 20 years later, as an internet prank that never gets old (not for me anyway).

Yes, it’s Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

I loved this episode when it came out this past summer, but what called it back to me was a remake ad making the rounds of Instagram right now. He still looks 11 years old!

No spoilers, just listen. It’s 27 minutes of pure wholesomeness and charm.




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Featured image illustration by Carlos Lerman


  • And if you’ve never seen Rick making an appearance with Foo Fighters, that’s a real treat, too!

    • That’s incredible! Thank you!

    • The interview of Rick Astley making music, and then the huge and totally unexpected fame he got from it, reminds me of Dave Grohl’s interviews describing his huge and unexpected fame. They both describe running headlong into a life in music, both pinching themselves at how lucky they were even when they were sleeping on friends’ couches or in vans because they expected that would be as far as it went. And despite all the fame that followed them, in interviews today they both sound still like the sweet, appreciative kids they were at the beginning. No jaded rockstars here! They are both a breath of fresh air anytime you hear them.

    • Omg… made my day! Thanks for sharing that fun collaboration. Imagine the Foo Fighters being mentioned on an MDK post. Love it!

      • I love the Foos and MDK so this is perfect!

  • And don’t miss the brilliant role this song plays in No Weddings and a Funeral episode from season 2 of Ted Lasso…

  • Hahaha, I wasn’t expecting a rick-roll from you ladies :-D. Too funny.

  • Yes! And thank you for this bright spot this morning.

  • This Endless Thread episode explores how the Rick Roll got its start. (Probably!) Enjoy

  • What a great song and Foo Fighters, icing on the cake! Thanks for finding this Kay, we had to dance immediately and thanks for that link too @Joan. MDK always finds the best for us.

  • I loved that song then and still do! Couldn’t believe that voice coming out of that skinny red-headed kid

  • So good! Major Hrishikesh Hirway luv over here–everything he gets into, I get into. He’s got that big curiosity . . .

  • What a great story. Thank you Kay

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