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  • Although they say amaryllis bloom and are done, my husband (bright green thumb, unlike me) has some that must be close to 20 years old. He never cuts them or put them to rest, they just grow huge leaves year round, then every 2-3 years they put out masses of flowers. They are amazing plants!

    • Good to know that they may only flower every few years. I have kept one over and it regrew, but did not flower. I’ll keep the faith!

  • Do all the amaryllis kits flower in the color shown or is that just a sample of how they might look?

    • Yes, that’s the color of all our amaryllis bulbs. ☺️

  • My amaryllis bulbs bloom every year in sunny FL. (And in upstate SC.) I leave them in the ground year ‘round and divide the bulbs every few years. They put on a show everytime!

  • Please remind people that Amaryllis is toxic to cats and dogs.

  • Cutout cookies made with the grandchildren. Lots of frosting on the cookies and all over them and the kitchen. What fun!,,

  • Gingerbread cookies are the best! Especially with that sparkly sugar dusting. In cute holiday shapes. ❤️