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  • Jillian, your beautiful sweater looks great on you!

  • Looks so great on you, and with no walker! if I were on pain meds, it would be stockinette all the way, not a texture-y, cable-y feast. So impressed. One of the most helpful fitting tips I ever learned was to take my Upper chest bust measurement. That way, the rest of the sweater doesn’t come out huge, since not all of us have shoulders that are in direct proportion to our bust size. So glad that you have pointed this out, Jillian. I think it would help a lot of people. Chloe

    • First and foremost I love orange the colour, it’s such a pleasurable and happy colour and I really wanted to see what the jumper would look like. I love the intricate stitch patterns. A lovely jumper

  • Congrats on your mobility! Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Great sweater. Also, as a person moving toward hip replacement, your recovery is great to hear and see. You look wonderful!

  • I’ll always remember 4 days out from knee replacement and realizing I had walked to the bathroom without my crutches. After that I only used then when out in public as a warning to others to keep away. My knitting savior was the Honey Cowl. I have two new knees and three cowls. Continued strength as you recover and rebuild.

  • The sweater looks awesome on you. Wishing you continued speed in your recovery!

  • WOW what a gorgeous sweater and a joyous sweater-wearer! Best wishes for a smooth and steady recovery 🙂

  • The sweater is gorgeous, and your smile is even “gorgeouser!” Congratulations of being free of the walker!

  • I love this! The yarn and color are beautiful! I really love the neckline!

  • I remember preparing the mind for a Michigan winter. Even after 22 years in the south I still have those weird moments of Michigan nesting. I forget where I am.
    Your studio is amazing! Love that skull.
    And I think I ‘get’ why you chose that bright orange at this time. Totally cool.

  • What a fabulous, beautiful sweater! So inspiring to the rest of us! And the photos Bring joy to of Monday morning!

  • Congrats on the new hip and the new sweater! You look mahvelous! ☺️

  • Love “killing it at physical therapy”! Sweater looks great & so do you!

  • This sweater is gorgeous! So glad your recovery is going so well.

  • You did A wonderful job on your sweater and recovery!

  • Super cute!

  • looks so great on you and love your smiles!

  • Beautiful smile,sweater and recovery news!

  • That sweater is PERFECT!! Beautiful choices. Continued speedy recovery.

  • Congratulations on the fabulous sweater and new hip! Beautiful!

  • I am struck by several things reading your piece. The sweater and color are gorgeous and your recovery sounds steady. The most impressive thing to me, above all of the aforementioned successes, is the mentally healthy tone in your writing about this difficult chapter of your life, despite the challenges of pain, slow progress and grey skies. Kudos to your determination to create cheer and light into your situation which another person might find depressing and filled with worry. It always fascinates me how differently people respond to the same stressor – some with optimism and others with pessimism. Thank you for sharing your positive take on things, not only with hip surgery, but the trials of life in general. You found a way to fight through this with a constructive use of recovery time and ended up with a beautiful rebellious orangey and intricately designed sweater. WOW.

  • Oh, Jillian, you make me want to have a hip replacement, or something. Way to prevail! Way to keep it on the blacktop–so inspiring! That sweater on you is just gorgeous.

  • Such an inspiring message. I’m scheduled for a total knee replacement in one week and I know that knitting will be a part of my recovery.

  • OOh! Atlas + texture = soft & yummy!! I love Thea Coleman’s sweaters and need to make a happy one of my own – thanks for the inspiration. I love knitting happy colors during the cloudy winter day, it’s a definite mood booster.

  • I got a new hip 3 weeks ago. So freeing to ditch the walker and use a cane!
    Thank goodness for knitting as I recover.
    Best to you!

  • Beautiful pattern and exquisite color! Looks lovely on you and what I envy most was the didn’t have rip anything out!

  • The color and finished sweater look divine! Gorgeous yarn, I can’t wait to make a sweater with my supply of Tutu (I also need something bright for winter). And congratulations on your speedy recovery.

  • Beautiful! So glad you are at the cane stage…and hoping the pain is letting up .

  • Great sweater! Hip surgery can be relatively easy to recover from — I forgot my walker less than a week after coming home from the hospital and never used a cane.l

  • Jillian, you are rockin’ it, both the sweater, and the hip replacement recovery! Looking mighty fine. Congrats!

  • That is stunning. Such a great color on you! Rock on!

  • You and your Clementine sweater look fantastic! So glad your recovery is going great!

  • Beautiful sweater!

    As a new spinner(who likely has orthopaedic surgery in her future), I am encouraged and excited by your recovery!

  • Where did you get Atlas?