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  • My favorite of her designs is “Granito.” It uses that clever top down construction and has cute little pockets.


    • Fingering weight though so Atlas wouldn’t work

  • Love love love her designs! After I finish up with a couple time-sensitive gift knits, I can’t wait to start my grace pullover in Atlas Tutu!

    • I knit her Citadel with Atlas! I bought the yarn when Atlas just came out, but I’ll confess I only just finished it last week….

  • Your Atlas colors really do play well with each other. Chloe

  • Oof, I’ve got so many Joji Patterns in my library, that’s it not even funny. I’ve got her Rituals & Elton patterns kitted up right now & ready to cast on as soon as I finish my current WIP.

  • The words summer-wool-sweater do not compute in my world. On the summer I don’t want anything vaguely woolly touching me!

    • If you knit the summer sweater in Atlas, you could re-title it the Super Simple Cozy Sweater – and wear it some other time.

    • I’m with you. Even the silk/linen blends are indoor or autumn wear.

  • That striped one on top— must have!

  • So hard to choose among her fabulous designs. Also love Tomas! https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tomas-pullover

  • I love Joji designs!! I just finished her “Citadel” it is a big project – but so worth it. I’m sure it would be gorgeous in some Atlas yanrn.

  • Loved knitting Recoleta. Well written and such a fun and engaging knit!