Postcards from Rhinebeck—and Wool & Folk!

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
October 20, 2022

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  • That bright yellow pullover is Seafield by Jennifer Shiels Toland!

    In my queue with the on-the-needles Sea Haven.

    • I thought so! Thanks for the info.

  • Thanks for sharing these great pics!

    • Thanks for all the great photos.

  • Looks like such great fun. One could really get their fan girl on!!!

  • These two cardigans with the flowers are the Gammel Sandvik Kofte from Kofteboken 3. They are really beautiful

    • Have you found the pattern in English?

      • We got the English pattern by paying for a class with a Norwegian teacher.

    • So proud of Val and Sarah from our Upper west Side knit group!

  • It was such an amazing festival! I only came on Sunday with my mom, five-year-old-daughter, and three-month-old son. (Baby’s first fiber festival! I should have made a t-shirt.) It felt extra special this year. (And if new baby ever doubts my love, I will tell him how many hours post-Rhinebeck I have spent holding him and feeding him instead of knitting with the new yarn I bought. He’s lucky he’s cute.)

  • And a good time was had by all! Until next year….

  • All those smiles!! TY for sharing, bises

  • What is the blue sweater Kay is wearing?

    • I was also wondering!

    • That’s her Simple Swoncho by Karida Collins for Field Guide No. 18.

  • We are always honored to be included in the MDK Rhinebeck wrap up. So wonderful to see everyone.

  • What a wonderful wrap up post, thanks for sharing. It was fun to run into you in the atm line!

  • OH! Thank you for sharing all this fun with us!

  • So satisfying that you really shared a LOT of photos of all the wonderful people and sweaters!!

  • I last went to Rhinebeck in 2019, it was magical. I definitely have to get back to it one of these years!

  • Wonderful!! Thank you!

    • Question? What were the temperatures?

  • Is Kingston a good place to stay in proximity to Rhinebeck if I don’t have transportation? Or would it be better to look for lodging in/around Rhinebeck? Is there Uber, Lyft, taxi, bus, available for transportation?

    • We stayed in Kingston this year, folks stay in Rhinebeck itself and in nearby towns on both sides of the river. The Amtrak train gets you as close as Rhinecliff, but a car is pretty near essential.

    • There are quite a few buses organized by yarn stores which is fun because you have knitting company to and from the festival.

      • Thx so much for the tips ladies! My cousin and I are taking Amtrak, from Raleigh NC, next year!! So I guess we’ll need to look for a rental car?

    • Stay in Rhinebeck (but reserve early)

    • We stayed in Kingston which was about 20 minutes away. The drive in was easy but the drive back took well over an hour due to a massive traffic jam. Just volume and 2 lane roads. We still had a great time! And I talked to Ann and Kay for a moment!!

    • And when Gale says reserve early, she means like now! We stayed at a Airbnb in Germantown, and we already have reservations for next year. Places fill up fast. Look at some of the smaller towns within a half hour drive for places too, Rhinebeck lodging can be super expensive.

      • Thanks for the tip!

  • The weather at Rhinebeck was Cool and Wonderful! Sweater Weather! (Lows in the 40s and Highs in the 60s)

    That’s me in the trio first in line at Rhinebeck, wearing Thea Coleman’s Bee’s Knees. My friend on the right is wearing an Easy V by Caitlin Hunter

  • Great postcards! Thank you for sharing. I saw you ladies, Ann and Kay, from a distance on Sunday. What’s the sweater Ann was wearing, with the vertical stripes of color? I remember reading about it as you were making it, Ann, but the name of the pattern has left my brain.

    • It’s the spectra sweater, from the MDK Field Guide 19 called Marls.

  • I was most struck by this comment in the post, “When you think of all the work that goes into a festival of this scale, it’s really something. All for the love of wool and the things we can do with it.” I appreciated all of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the huge number of people who attended to every detail and put out their best effort for me and all the attendees. I am mighty grateful.

    I’ve wanted to go Sheep and Wool for many years and FINALLY was able to go this year. (For those of you in a similar pickle, keep at it, you can get there too!) It was wonderful, surpassing my expectations. I found myself, a NYC “kid”, spending a lot of the time communing with the gorgeous animals — so good for lifting the spirit and filling the soul.

    Hope to see you there next year!


  • Thanks for the virtual visit to Rhinebeck. It looked like a lot of fun!

  • Next year in Rhinebeck. #goal

  • I loved my vicarious visit this morning. Thanks to Ann and Kay!

  • It was my first Rhinebeck and I’m already thinking about going again next year!! It was wonderful to finally meet Ann and Kay and some of the MDK team. Thanks for the memories!!!

  • I don’t know when I’ve ever seen such a happy set of pictures! I’m wondering about the one where kaye is clutching Ann as if she might get away! Thanks so much for the virtual visits. And Saffeia in action — I just learned two socks in one from her book, and it’s my go- to now.

  • My daughter and I missed this year due to a family wedding – didn’t they know it was S&W weekend??? I am a raised in Rhinebeck gal (no longer living there) who used to take her kids to S&W when it was a local gig sharing space with the gem and mineral show! There were bouncy houses for kids and a few folks strolling around! And look at it now!! Truly an amazing event! Next year I am going to seek you ladies out and say hello as I do enjoy your snippets and loved the KAL for the Daytripper.

  • Roxie sealed the deal.Rhinebeck in a newly knit sweater for me or bust!

  • I didn’t even get through the whole page before I left (temporarily) to purchase Jeanette Sloan’s Dionne shawl pattern! So gorgeous! Loved seeing all the pretty sweaters though.

  • Thank you so much! Loved all the pictures. Was hoping that your weather turned out exactly like it did. Recognized everything both of you were wearing, and I must say the designs of them stood up to all that rumpling and twisting and hugging you guys were doing. But what was the name of that vest that Nell Ziroli was wearing?? I don’t remember it from the MDK Field Guides. It was a v-neck, light-colored and seemed to have some ribbing or garter along the side, and maybe, pockets? I love vests, have two on the needles and am always looking for another one. Thanks!

  • Love the photos! Such beautiful sweaters! Any idea what the pattern is in the 20th photo…the woman on the left with the blue sips glasses and the red and light blue Fairisle? It’s fabulous!

  • So many wonderful knits and friendships! I love Kim Anderson’s cheerful yellow orange cardigan with that cozy wide collar. Anyone know what pattern that is?? 🙂

  • I’m also curious about Nell’s V-neck vest…..

    • A little bird (named Nell) told me that the vest pattern is coming soon!

    • Thanks for asking Sheila!
      The vest is called Moonflower and is in test right now, LMK if you’d like to join in…
      nellknits at gmail

  • Olive is officially miffed that she didn’t get to go. The terrier supermodel thinks she could show off those sweaters much better than Roxy. (PS: When is that Field Guide on things for small furry folk coming out?)

  • It’s a dream of mine to get to go to this festival. Thank you for letting me feel just a little like I was there with you.

  • Best. Post. Ever. I have looked at the pictures over and over. I need to go to this one day.

  • So many cute sweaters. I’d love to know what pattern, that red Susy Korb is wearing.

    • Susy is wearing Badger and Bloom by Anne Ventzel. Beautiful! 🙂

  • Hey you guys — this was a wonderful post. It spoke to my knitterly soul which once made it to the MD S&W, so I know what I’m missing. Seeing the booths and the sweaters and the knitters!! It was definitely the next best thing to being there.

  • All these pictures put me there in spirit. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for all the photos – looks like a great time to be around fellow knitters and producers of sheep!!

  • thanks so much for all the beautiful pics with blue skies & folks wearing sweaters! I will live vicariously through this for now — way across the country near Portland, OR — where we’ve had the hottest summer that I can remember. Still knitting a linen top. Hope to start back with wool next week! And now I have even more sweaters to added to my queue — I may copy that Seafield pullover in Retrosaria Mungo next – I love it!

  • What fun! I always love to see your post after Rhinebeck! Thank you, ladies!

  • I bet I can speak for others who, like me, have never been there and sadly will never be able to go: Thank you SO MUCH for these wonderful photos and comments – and pattern inspirations!

  • Wish I had been there!! Maybe next year. Thanks for the pictures!!

  • Oh my, this looks like so much fun!! Great pictures, and give me some of that mac and cheese!!!!

  • Thanks for all the lovely photos. Maybe next year in Rhinebeck.

  • So thrilled that my Daytripper made the MDK Rhinebeck post! Woot! This was my first Rhinebeck and meeting you all was at the top of my list. Thanks for being awesome!

  • Always thrilled to see you two and be a part of your postcards. See ya next year.

  • I had to go get my sunglasses, the smiles are blinding!

  • I MUST attend this next year. Looks like it was a FABULOUS weekend!

  • Thank you SO much for the pics! It made me feel like I was there! The marvelous knits that everyone was wearing …Oh my

  • Just LOVE it! You gals looked like you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing the photos! Have to try to join you next year! Happy knitting!

  • Oh, you did have fun. Thank you for sharing Rhinebeck with us!

  • Thank you Ann and Kay for the wonderful tour. Brilliant sweaters and super yarn.

  • How many was in attendance?

  • Ty soooo much for this picture display of this spectacular year at Rhinebeck

  • So much inspiration and so much fun to see. Thanks for the great pics.