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  • Only 15 skeins of each color?? I bet they fly out of the tote bags! Have fun!

  • See you soon! So excited! Sweaters are ready!

  • Cannot wait – see you soon!

  • My first Rhinebeck visit. I will try to find you on Saturday. Love to see you guys in person!

  • Bighearted gathering. Within a bighearted craft. So wish I could be there. I would get my best haircut so as not to look goofy when I met you guys. (Not looking goofy takes an army these days LOL) Maybe, maybe next year. Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to the posts and the photos. Chloe

  • Very fond memories of my first and hopefully, not last visit to Rhinebeck in 2017. The weather was perfect and we got to meet both of you!

  • It should be epic! See you there.

  • Can’t wait to meet you all!

  • My first trip to Rhinebeck. I hope to see you!

  • Can’t wait!!! Will see you there!!!!

  • First Rhinebeck since 2018 for me! So excited, it’ll be like my very first visit. I’ll be the one in the purple and gold Birdsong sweater, until it gets too hot….

  • I wish! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  • Have a great friend and fiber-filled time!

  • Are you sure Olive and Kermit said you could take a few days off?

  • what a great cover photo of the chairs and skeins!

  • Have a great time! I am GOING to go next year And I’ll see you guys in Nashville next month!!

  • Wow, girls. Did you ever dream that knitting would have this kind of stage and that you’d be on it? Have a ball!

  • I hope to get there one day!
    Have fun, sell lots, make new friends!

  • Safe travels and happy trails! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • I’ll be in Rhinebeck on Sunday – I always pop down on the quiet day. My daughter (5) is an old pro, but this will be my son’s first fiber festival. Thankfully my mom is coming too, so I’ll get a little time to focus on all the yarn and fiber. Hopefully I’ll see you around!

  • “…packing up a wildly unrealistic number of knitting projects…” — hey, I resemble that remark!