An Ode to Picky Knitters

October 3, 2022

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  • Thank you for answering a question I did not know I had.

  • So cool! Makes so much sense.

  • So clever! Thanks again Patty.

    • Thanks,Patti,great tips as usual!

  • Forehead slapping moment! Wow, so cool!

  • Bought the book from you already so I can garner your bag …. Thank you for the insights …. Looking forward to many more ah-ha moments with a cups in the corner ☺️

  • Brilliant as always Patty. I missed seeing you at the PEI Fibre Festival – FYI one more cancellation Hurricane Fiona was responsible for! I’ve signed up again so I can get the link. I won’t be able to watch at the time but I’ll be sure to check in later.

  • Brilliant as always!

  • And this article is a wonderful example of why you book will be a holiday gift for two of my knitter friends.

  • Brilliant

  • Oooh, I admit I love the rope-like look of the cable cast on and now I’ll adore it even more!

  • Wow! Thank you. I love the cable cast-on. It’s the one I was taught initially. So, these are great. Your book is on its way to me, pre-ordered.

  • That trick with the cable caston? – brilliant. Just brilliant..
    I think I need the book!

  • I pre-ordered Patty’s book the second she announced its pending release & I haven’t been this impatient to get something in my hot little hands in a long time.

  • What tricky tricks! Thank you.

  • Of course! Thank you, Jessica, for asking and Patty for the enlightenment!

  • Patty! You are SO SMART!!! Thank you!!!!

  • I can’t wait for it to be available on bookdepository! Thanks so much for these two amazing tips. I was taught the cable cast on when I first learnt to knit at 7 or 8 years old, and didn’t even know anything else existed till Ravelry got going. And, yes – my corners always annoyed me. Thank Patti! You’re a star.

    • The book has been on Book Depository since May. Here’s the main landing page. You are so welcome – Patty (with a Y )

  • You are a genius. That is all.

  • I am not a hyperbolic person. As I read this piece a thought came to mind that pops up when I am in the presence of extraordinary goodness, here it is…”Straight to Heaven, Patty Lyons”.

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You are a clever girl! Thank you for the helpful tips.

  • Thank you as that drove me mad till I did your trick and now it’s sorted Thank you again