Cuatro Wrap: On the Table

September 26, 2022

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  • Great orientation to the pattern!

  • Thank you for this decoding breakdown, very helpful! I was thinking of rearranging the triangles, and perhaps making more, to make a blanket.

    • That would be very easy. Like tangrams!

  • That table was super useful. I actually carried my yarn the whole way up.

  • The pic on the table! Down the rabbit hole we go! And the other table is so helpful. Well done folks

  • This is really helpful team. (I feel that I am on the MDK way out here in CA – can I say that?!) Sometimes I feel as though you all “read my mind” when you answer the questions I haven’t said out loud. Thank you MDK.

  • Kate you give such good advice. I was just looking through your sock book and marveling at how straightforward the directions are. Then I was knitting another pattern and noticed “Tech editing by Kate Atherley” and understood why I was in such good hands. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • I already wanted to knit this… Now I REALLY want to knit this!

  • I don’t have enough yarn left of any of my colors to join my triangles..I will need to order one more skein. I think light gray would be best for all. I do have a little white left for the white and gray one. Has any one else had this problem.