Grace Notes Pullover: What Color?

By Ann Shayne
September 22, 2022
Grace all day long with Joji's designs in Field Guide No. 22: Grace

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  • Peat would be perfect!

    • I bought pear! Love.

      • Pear is the colour I have my eye on. But I’m going to swatch in some Rowan yarn I bought which need to be assigned to a project

  • Merlot for me!

  • Seaglass

  • Skyline! Just ordered – as I wanted a lighter color to show off the beautiful stitch work. Whisper is calling my name in the future, hard to choose….

    • I bought Skyline too. I thought it would go well with darker denim, and, lighter colors are easier for me to knit.

  • Not to put a wrench in your choosing but I’m knitting it in Tutu and it’s gorgeous! Just saying.,.

    • I agree with Tutu. I do not normally choose pink. But I have some soft pink sweaters that work so well with so many other colors. Especially browns for autumn, cozy winter whites, and crisp navy in the spring.

  • Well if I were picking a color for you I would choose Pear. It just screams ANN at me. If I were picking for me it would be Whisper. Is it purple? Is it neutral? Is it both and or is it neither? I love it.

  • I’m knitting mine in Cork, and Pear is calling my name for something…Peat too.

  • Lapis has been my favorite since you first introduced Atlas. This will finally be my chance to use it!

  • I’m between cork, shale, pebble, and truffle. So hard to choose.

  • Oh, I’ve only made two sweaters and I haven’t loved either one. I really, really want to try this, but I have so many WIPS!

  • Whisper or Tutu or Skyline. Peat would be lovely, too.

  • Seaglass. Always seaglass

  • Seaglass always calls to me, but Cedar would be beautiful too!

  • Peat would be perfect! t would go with so many other colors.

  • Ohh!!! Wintergreen!!!!

  • Let me say that, in general, I am a Lapis person. For this sweater, however, Atlas in Natural keeps calling to me. I think that the Grace Notes Pullover in this color would work from fall all the way to early spring. It would be equally attractive from casual to dressed up. With a change of accessories, it could take you from the office to a night out, especially as the holiday season approaches. Ithink that it would go with a variety of colors and styles, from blue jeans to cranberry velvet, to Alabama Chanin.

  • I’m team Mouse – after ordering a skein for the Erika Knight entrelac bag awhile ago. It’s a neutral, but in real life you can see the lovely, cool, subtle lavender-ish undertone. It did take me a bit to get over the name, though — mouse?!? I’m choosing to call mine “deer”. And my Grace Note Sweater, “Bambi”, is coming right along!
    (P.S. To whom do I address my strongly-worded letter as the self-appointed Mouse-to-Deer advocate?)

    • I’m really glad I’m not the only one who has trouble with a colour named “Mouse.” It might be because I live in the country and we don’t have a Cinderella-like relationship with mice. I love browns, so maybe I can adopt your concept and call it Fawn or something. I think this is related to my inability to knit a pattern with “Moth” in the name. 🙂

  • I’m on team Seaglass!

  • Heaven must be yarn in every color and one can take what they want/need without worrying about money

  • Mallard…choose mallard

  • Mallard or Merlot for me.

  • I bought Mallard and it’s already been delivered.

  • Seaglass!