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  • So excited. Joji! Have made three of her Felipe baby vests years ago – before I was even aware of designers’ names – all well-received. The Hipster scarf pattern is bought and waiting for just the right color. And now Grace with that delicious vee-neck. Yes. Very excited.

  • Congratulations on the Field Guide, I can’t wait to get started, scarf or vest which first? I’d just love to try your Atlas. Please do let us know when you ship to Australia.

  • Question: Ann/Kay, I am interested in ordering the Recoletta Bag but need to know if the suede is “soft” or “sturdy”. I prefer soft.

    • It is definitely soft.

  • Love the Colours of the bag !! can’t wait to order the field guild – Question when will you be shipping the bags to Canada??

    • We ship to Canada!

  • I have more Joji patterns downloaded than any other designer.
    Her patterns always win when I’m deciding what to make next. Shes the best.

  • Beautiful FG with a talented designer, so exciting! Question about the bag, does it have a zipper or any kind of closure and the yellow isn’t listed, is that not available?

    • We have the yellow, just scroll down the color drop-down menu, and it’s the fifth entry.

    • It does not have a zipper.

      • Thanks Kay and DG

  • Another great Field Guide. I want one, or more, of everything! Starting with the Gossamer sweater.

  • I love this FG! I started the Cuatro Wrap as soon as I got the early release of the guide. 🙂 Went for a bold edition!

  • This collection is GORGEOUS … and a bag!!!! Wow, just beautiful, Joji.

  • Oh, baby.

  • Jojo is one of my fave designers ever.
    That sweater!!
    I’m already set with yarn and needles to make.
    I hereby promise I will swatch and wash.
    You saw it here.

  • I ordered the bag in Eggplant I LOVE it so much I also just ordered it in Pacific Blue. It is soft but at the same time sturdy and holds its shape. I don’t like to carry a large bag and this is not large but is still such a very convenient size. Beautifully done. There is a small zippered pocket on the inside. Just wish I could order it in all colors.

  • I started the sweater and just simply love it – but I moved last weekend and have yet to figure where the packers packed it so far! It’s here somewhere. I can report that the bag is simply divine. I love her patterns and bags and am so delighted to have an MDK collaboration!

  • This is Awesome!! I love Joji’s designs.

  • How size inclusive is the cable sweater? It’s gorgeous! I would love to knit it and have it fit.