Color Play: Q & A with Spincycle’s Rachel Price

August 31, 2022

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  • What A fun job! Color is so personal and emotes strong feelings .I love playing with colors, give me the biggest box of crayons !

  • I ogle SpinCycle yarns all the time. These are great tips on how to manage myself when I’m just looking at it all – the yarn is so pretty I want to just swim in it! But good to think of how to use it – how to pick contrast, remembering pattern and ply…

  • I learn so much from all of your articles. No wonder these beautiful Spincycle yarns are so popular. Thanks for preparing me for using them effectively!

  • Jillian- Great article! Thanks gor the great questions. You answered a lot for me.

  • The colors in spincycle yarns is fantastic! But the description says 100% American Wool. What breeds are used? My skin us very sensitive and knowing the breeds, means knowing if I can wear it. Thanks!!!

  • Thank you so much for making it so easy to play with colors. I totally admit to being a Spincycle addict. Put me in front of a computer screen, or wall, of Spincycle and I will be there for hours.

    Thank you too for the tips on mixing colors and yarns. It is helpful to have guidelines when there are so many options. I usually start with the “color” that speaks to me most. Then chose other colorways based on secondary colors in the main yarn. I do aim for contrast. The surprise of seeing how the yarns interact is what makes Spincycle so much fun.

  • My mom used to use the expression, “dyed in the wool” to describe a sincere, practical and genuine person. Now I know the rest of the story.