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Dear everybody,

It’s a big day here at MDK. After months of keeping a delicious secret all to ourselves, we are thrilled to reveal the designer whose work will grace the next MDK Field Guide.

Joji Locatelli.

Joji burst onto the stage more than 10 years ago, when she published her first design, a cardigan that she modeled herself. Since that first leap, Joji has continued to forge her vision, which has unfolded in hundreds of designs, made by thousands of knitters, each one fueled by Joji’s curiosity. To complement the knits, she has expanded her enterprise to include leather bags and accessories designed with the particular needs of knitters in mind.

We’ve knitted and admired Joji’s work for years. Early in the life of MDK, Joji—known for hiking the world’s mountains, deserts, and forests—joined us and a group of early-rising knitters for a wintery (and slightly sedate) stroll through Central Park. We might have nursed a small dream that one day we would be working with Joji on a Field Guide—we’re nothing if not ambitious. Today, we’re pinching ourselves that it’s no longer a dream.

To our joy, we all will have the chance to dive into Joji’s vision in Field Guide No. 22, launching three weeks from today, on September 16.

Get Your Copy Early!

If you’ve already subscribed to the 2022 Field Guide series, thank you! You will receive Field Guide No. 22 ahead of the launch date, along with a subscriber-exclusive coupon code for the MDK Shop, plus first opportunity to shop for a limited run of special items that will launch with the Field Guide. (Shh! We say no more, but subscribers, please keep an eye out for an email from us.)

If you’d like to be among the first to receive Field Guide No. 22, and also receive the first two Field Guides of 2022, subscribe right here.

Joji’s designs promise a beautiful season of knitting for us all. We cannot wait—but it won’t be long now!


Ann and Kay


  • Totally surprised AND thrilled!!! Joji is not just a great designer but also a fellow compatriot. Craving for more news! Congratulations, Joji!!

  • i have several of her patterns, she has such a yarn vision. i am excited to see her field guide.

  • I’m always excited to see who’s doing the next field guide but THIS ONE! Joji is one of my favorite designers. Congratulations!

  • I just woke. Is it Christmas? Sue

    • What Sue said! I love her patterns and her presence. Yay!

  • Wowser!

    • You might as well start a second print run of this Field Guide because it will be gone in a flash! Can’t wait for the day to come so I may place my order!

    • Ditto!!

  • So glad I am a subscriber! I just finished making her Lightweight Hipster Shawl which is a delight to knit and to wear.

    • I made that shawl earlier this year and I cannot wait for the the weather to change so I can wear it again! (It IS lightweight, but not enough for August in NY State.)

  • Not to diminish the other fabulous designers that have been featured in the Field Guides, let me just say I am excited, and very excited to receive Jogi’s copy!!!!!

  • My Super Simple Summer Sweater is almost worn out, as is my husband’s basic raglan sweater, both her designs. Thrilled about this upcoming FG!!!

    • Me too! Every color I can wear is a Super Simple Sweater.

  • So exciting. I haven’t ordered a FG for quite some time but this one is bringing me back!!

  • Super excited about this and so happy I’m a subscriber!
    BUT can you please put together a Field Guide with patterns that are easy, quick, one skein, adventurous beginner or easier? Every guide has mostly complicated, intricate patterns that are for seasoned knitters and take so much yarn!!! I’ve gone back through them all and hardly any patterns are simple.

    • Did you check out “Beginnings”, the Field Guide by Karida Collins? I think that there were 3-4 one skein projects in there and they were quite simple because the guide was directed at beginning knitters.

    • Yes, thanks for saying this – I totally agree!

    • Great ideas…and ditto. Yarn budgets ebb after you blow one on a sweater quantity! Thrilled to hear who is next!!!!!!

    • YES!! I agree. PLEASE

      • Well oooo La La! This is like the cherry on top of the whip….excellent!! I’ve knit many of her patterns and currently on my third Hipster. Anticipating this release. Great choice. Congratulations Joji!

      • Maybe is could be a column or a special spot on the website. “One Skein Wonders.” Like the three-ingredient recipe suggestions. I know I have a few favorites that I can knit up easily if I need a quick gift, or just want to knit mindlessly after knitting something that requires a lot of concentration.

        I do appreciate the number of simple to execute, yet sophisticated looking, patterns MDK does provide. Some pieces look more difficult to knit then they actually are because the results look so good. Maybe a “Where to Start” tab that brings all the “simple” patterns together for easy reference.

  • I love the Field Guides and am a subscriber but this one-this one will be a favorite! Joji is one of most favorite designers, her Aimee cardigan is next on my to knit list. Can’t wait!!!

  • So exciting!

  • Oh My! I am thrilled for you, a dream come true. I am thrilled for Joji, yet another design challenge completed. Most of all, admittedly a bit selfishly, I am thrilled for all of us knitters. What treat!

  • Grand slam MDK!! Can’t wait.

  • Squeeeee

  • Another brilliant combo: MDK and Joji. Amazing.

  • JOJI!!!! Her patterns are my go-to. I am beyond excited for this.

  • So excited! I have purchased Field Guides, but never subscribed – I signed up for 2022 as soon as I read that Joji will be the designer for the next issue!

  • So excited for you and for us knitters.

    Signed up for Field Guides because of Kaffe Fassett. Have not been disappointed by the variety of other designers I have come to know.

    I was not immediately familiar with Joji so I started Googling. Love the variety, ranging from simple to complex. There should be something for everyone.

  • I absolutely LOVE her patterns!

  • I LOVE Joji’s designs! I am so excited for this new Field Guide. I’m patting my December 2021 self on the back for subscribing, so I can be one of the first to see this new Field Guide!!!! Can’t wait!

    • Yes Leah! So glad I subscribed last year. Nancy Marchant was pretty awesome but I am even more excited about Joji!

  • Nice! I’ve got several of Joji’s patterns & really like her work. Glad I’ve got my subscription already.

  • I took a class with her years ago. She is as nice as her wonderful patterns.

  • She is my absolute favorite designer.

    I haven’t bought a book in some months but this I will buy, even if the designs were unseen ahead of time.
    Wow! This is fantastic!

  • Great choice! I love Joji’s designs and have made several, looking forward to seeing this FG!

  • Yay!!! I love her work.

  • Looking forward to it. I just bought her The Lone Skein Shawl to clear some of the orphans out of my stash

  • Can you please tell me what are the small, spiky, lavender and green balls in today’s photo?

    • Hi, they are a perennial flower called Echinops or globe thistle – very pretty and the bees love them. Great for cut flowers, drying, and using as interesting natural objects. Super hardy plants. Cheers.

  • Wish you shipped to Canada

    • Hi, Karen. While it’s true we haven’t cracked the international subs puzzle quite yet, you CAN order individual copies and we’re happy to ship them to Canada. Once the new one is available to the general public – usually a week or two after subs go out – you can order one up!

  • This is so exciting!

  • So excited! Can’t wait. I LOVE her patterns

  • Can’t wait! Sorry Brioche is not my thing but the field guide was great.

  • So exciting!!!!! Can’t wait!

  • Please please please share the pattern name of the sweater Joji is wearing in the photo – even better if it will be in the guide!

    • I agree! I searched Joji’s ravelry page and didn’t find the sweater… I would love to find it in the field guide! Can’t wait!!

  • What a treat ! I need to buy another box to put my field guides in and purchase the new one

  • I just checked out her Ravelry designer page. Oh, my goodness! There are 6 (yes, 6!) pages of her patterns. Some look pretty easy, some quite challenging. Now I’m all wriggly waiting for my Field Guide!

  • Woo hoo!!! One of my very favorites! Maybe an exclusive MDK bag collab is in the offing, too, she asked hopefully?!? Her bags are just a fab as her patterns, I love the one I have (so far!).

  • WOW!!! SO EXCITED!!! I knit her Newspaper pullover earlier this year. Her pattern was so clearly written, it was really a joy to work on. I’m SO HAPPY about this!!!!

  • Whoo freakin’ HOOO!!!!!!:):) Yippee!!!!

    • What Joan said 🙂

  • Yay!!!!!!

  • Excited!!

  • After 51 Comments already I am very late in the day which shows the enthusiasm for Joji. Ditto to everything everyone has already said. Yay!!!

  • I am so excited to hear this news. I love all of Joji designs and have knit several. Several of my friends have knit the Shaw, Stomy after seeing me ware it. Thank you MDKyou are the best.

  • I just might have to buy this one as a gift for a friend, who is a huge Joji fan! Christmas is coming!

  • OMG! Total LOVE!!

  • Love! Love! Love! ❤️

    • I would love to know the sweater she is wearing too! I can’t find it!

  • When can I order Joji’s field guide? She is a favorite designer, podcaster, entrepreneur! Sorry, I can’t afford to subscribe to get all of 2022. ☹️

  • We had the pleasure of meeting Joji on a knitting trip to Argentina about 15 years ago. She worked at Mi Lana, a knit shop in Buenos Aires. She welcomed our boisterous group of excited knitters with warmth and grace and happily showed us an array of lovely and unusual Argentinian yarns. Needless to say, we all went home with overstuffed suitcases. We have been so happy to follow her design success. It really couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Can’t wait to receive my copy of Joji’s designs in the new field guide.

  • Just finished one of Joji’s cowls. I love her patterns!!

  • Great news! I love Joji’s patterns, and one of my favorite hat patterns was a freebie from her available on Ravelry. So generous!

  • I love her clean lines of design but most importantly, her beautiful generous spirit and sense of humor! Y’all need to check out Joji’s Journal on YouTube. Her mom is priceless too…. Ann and Kay — Bravo! Can Not Wait!

  • Definitely a Favorite!!!

  • I have made several of her patterns, how wonderful

  • Great! I’d be tempted to buy this Field Guide…

    Do you know if there’s a pattern for the beautiful cabled sweater Joji is wearing on the picture? Is it one of her own patterns? I’d love to knit it!

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