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  • Brilliant!

  • A really concise clear explanation and video. Thank you Patty, you are the best.

  • Genius. I really love the way that looks.

  • Fantastic! Thanks.

  • Yes, genius! You are just amazing

  • Thank you for this timely and brilliant tip! I was searching for a tutorial for a tubular stockinette cast-on just a few days ago. I tried to fake it as you do with a 2×2 tubular, thinking I could work the set-up rows 1×1 and then switch to all knit, but after 2 attempts (and 327 stitches each), it still didn’t look right. I gave up and did a double-chain cast on. I will definitely try this trick for the sleeves!

  • OMG you did it again! I’m just amazed how your mind works. I’m a huge fan of tubular cast ons and bind offs for socks, sweaters, hats, etc. I can’t wait to get your tips and tricks book. You are simply a knitting genius. Thank you, Patty, for all you do…

  • Why did you slip a stitch I stead of working each one?

    • Trial and error. It looks better slipping the stitches that are in the back. Knitting them made it a bit puckered. But when in doubt, cast on and try it and see what you like!

  • What’s also really cool about this is that the slightly heavier edge could possibly work to prevent curling.

    • Hi P. Joan, I just tried it on a largish swatch (8″ x 8″) using leftover aran weight wool. Patty’s method did give a bit more weight to the hem edge. It didn’t curl. Very cool!

  • What about an I-cord cast on. Makes a very nice tube.

  • If you have the opportunity to attend, Lorilee Beltman teaches a variety of ways JMCO (aka “Magic Cast On”) can be used for hems including tubular, 2-color, garter and stockinette. The only difference from Patty’s stockinette version is she doesn’t slip that first stitch. Knitters choice. Thanks for the reminder of this versatile technique, Patty!

    • I have taken that class, and she teaches the wonderful Judy’s for a traditional tubular cast on (for rib) as well as some great turned folded hems. From what I saw in the video, this is a totally differnt cast on. A kind of tricked tubular to make all stockinette. A folded hem is really pretty too.

  • You are such a clever woman Patty!

  • wow, this is a really nice eye opener. Thank you for explaining it so well. Do these things with the little booklet of Cast on, but this is just awesome.

  • There is nothing that Patty can’t do! You are a rock star Patty!