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  • Links all fixed! The gremlin who broke them is getting rocks in her sock on December 24.

    • [gremlin raises hand]
      [no Toblerones for her]

  • Looks like the link is fixed – I just signed up! I have had this in my queue for a while – thanks for the nudge to get going on it for this year! I have visions of matching stockings for the whole family – but probably not this year

    • Love that vision . . . if you start now, you never know how many you can crank out by December. It’s actually a fast knit once you get going (I made one in a day like Mary Ann the Steam Shovel, under extreme circumstances . . .)

  • The link is working now- can’t wait!

  • I have had pattern and yarn for this for a few years now, and a family pet who has had to tolerate a sad store bought stocking… Thanks for the nudge!

    • They never complain, do they? So patient.

  • Which book is this pattern in? I’d rather not buy it again if I’ve already got it.

    • Hi! It’s in MDK Outside the Lines, our second book. If you’ve got our books, you’ve got it! The new version we’re releasing today is slightly different, using 4 colors of yarn rather than the 3 in the original pattern. Otherwise it’s the same. ; )

  • I’m going to steal the Rose color combo for other purposes — love it!

  • Darn you!! I am really trying to stay focused but you keep tempting me and my ability to persevere on my temperature blanket (even though I do love it)t fades as quickly as I lose my dpns. I bought pattern years ago, too, but, um, got distracted. So glad I did. I like these colors so much more. I think I will do a different color set for each of the grandchildren: one pink (of course!! she’s 6) and for the boys: one for my “blue is my favorite color” 11 yo, one “green is my favorite color” 8 yo and the 3 yo is gonna get the traditional Christmas colors because as far as I know he doesn’t have a favorite color yet — or it might be pink like his sister because he adores her.

    • Hi Jan! It’s important to have about six projects on the go at once, right? The more the merrier . . .

  • I just looked over the pattern to see what needles are used. It says Size 3. Is that correct for Atlas yarn?

    • Yes, you read that right. This is Atlas knit to a tighter-than-usual gauge. Knitters can definitely knit at recommended gauge for a bigger, stretch-ier sock, but four skeins will not then yield two stockings.

      • Thanks! I’ll get the needles on order.

  • I can’t believe you didn’t even mention the best part: it’s a sock pattern where you’re SUPPOSED to knit only one. Second sock syndrome begone!

  • Are the colors on RUBY – peat, natural, barn red, and shale? Thank you!

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  • I am loving Atlas so far, as I’m Christmas-stocking-swatching. I’m curious about the draft… it almost feels like it occupies the space somewhere between worsted- and woolen-spun. It’s full-on delightful, whatever it is!

  • I have finished my stocking…..do I post a picture or something?