Jen Geigley for MDK Atlas: Cider Mill

By Kay Gardiner
August 5, 2022

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  • Another Atlas winner from Jen. This is beautiful, and will be fun to knit.

  • In the most recent Fruity Knitting episode, Andrea interviews Georgia Farrell and they talk about the book A Dictionary of Color Combinations. Based on a six volume set published in the 30’s by a kimono designer. I’m not great a selecting colors and this little book is amazing with two-, three-, and four- color combination pages. There are even sample colors in the back where you can snip and play with your own ideas. It’s less than $20.

    • I watched that episode yesterday and the yellow accents she used reminded me of Jen. In my mind Jen “owns” that yellow. The author’s name is Sanyo Wada.

      • Wada Sanzō

  • Thank you for the sample color combinations!

  • It’s so hot here I can’t imagine it will ever be cool enough to wear this beautiful sweater.

    • Same here, I got out of breath just putting my clothes on this morning. T O O H U M I D

  • Another winner! And a coloring sheet – so much fun!

  • The sweater and the color combinations look great! But three Rhinebeck sweaters, before Rhinebeck? Olive, be a dear and take Mama out for a walk every now and then.

    • @ Anonymous, Too, Funny! I agree, all 3 color combos are beautiful.

    • Needless to say I will take this as a personal challenge. I’m really thinking Cider Mill will come in for 2023….but hope springs eternal.

  • Darling sweater. This is knit in what size to fit what measurements?

  • What a beautiful sweater!

  • I have faith in you that you will finish all three sweaters for Rhinebeck weekend.

  • Jen, another smash hit pattern! It’s downright beautiful!

  • SO GOOD!

  • Beautiful design. Stay ambitious.