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  • I grew up in Narragansett RI and it really is beautiful.

  • That’s my childhood (grew up in Weekapaug) spot on! ❤️ Thanks for the sweet memories.

  • This dyed in the wool Rhode Islander thanks you for your lovely post!

  • I grew up in NJ, then spent the past 54 years in Maine, visiting all the other New England states but one many times. I’ve never been to Rhode Island. Must go!

  • Another addition to my travel list! I love your yarn for Calico;I recently finished mine in gray with pink and can’t wait to wear it.

  • Born and raised there and your lovely detailed
    essay makes me long for a visit back ‘home!’

  • Beautiful writing for a vicarious visit to this magical spot…thank you!

  • What a lovely write up! But if you’re eating them in Rhode Island, those are clam cakes, not fritters or johnnycakes

    • Sounds like a wonderful weekend in my home state! The Mermaid’s Purl is my favorite yarn shop in all of New England, in the sweet village of Wickford. The ocean air is calling…

    • Thank you for correcting — meant to say something! They are clam cakes, not fritters. But johnnycakes are a different thing and they do exist. And on another note, when in RI never, ever ask for a straw with your Del’s!

  • Now, I need to get out of the Midwest for a coastal vacation. It has been way too many years. You make me want to wander! BTW my husband grew up with your friend, let’s call her, Aunt Cookie.

    • Well ! I grew up with Aunt Cookie too so we need to know who your hubby is!

  • The best part of this is that there is NO SUCH PLACE as South County! Our oldest was born in South county Hospital in the early “70’s, my doctors were South County OB group, his were South County Pediatrics. But we lost his birth certificate and years later when I tried to get a duplicate copy I realized that South County does not exist….. it was actually Washington County.

    But any Rhode Islander will know it as South County, and it was and it was a lovely place. Definitely time for a road trip!

  • Lucky me, I live in Wickford!

  • Thank you for this post. Reading it was as close to a vacation as I’ve had since the pandemic began. I must go to RI!

    • I agree; this goes on my must go to list!!

    • Thx very much, Gale Zucker, for your wonderful, peaceful story on Rhode Island. I had no idea how beautiful it is, all those gorgeous beaches! Thank you for the mini-vacation. A girl can dream, right?

      Can’t wait to see your Calico!!

  • I enjoyed this thoroughly! Your photos and stories captivated my attention. If I could leave today, I would drive to see all of this for myself, but your stroll around and sharing it with us is the next best thing. Thank you! Loved every word and picture!

  • I LOVED this post- I grew up in Peace Dale (of course in South County) and though I now live in Australia (!) there’s something about those photos, the lingo, that FOOD- it’ll always be a bit of home. Thank you.

  • Bookmarking for future knitting/birding trip!

  • Fried fish . . . mmmmm . . . .

  • I love your knitter’s weekend articles! Just read South County Rhode Island and will definitely make a trip there. BTW, we are taking a trip to Taos New Mexico in September thanks to the article about a weekend in Taos!

  • Lovely words about a lovely area! I’ve lived here since 2000! And I’m lucky enough to have The Mermaid’s Purl as my local yarn shop!

  • Love all of this, Gale. Thank you.

  • I grew up in RI and still consider myself a Rhode Islander even though I have not lived there for the last 48 years! By the way, they are called clam cakes not clam fritters, something I always have when I go back for a visit. Thanks for the great memories of this great little state.

  • You have captured South County and all my fav spots beautifully! I live in Narragansett just across from Scarborough Beach. So happy to see many of my neighbors are followers of MDK. Would love to connect with other knitters in the area.

    • Lucky you! Pawtucket here.

  • I am a RI native. Everything here is absolutely right. RI is a beautiful state!

  • Le sigh! I’ve only been to Providence!

  • Oh, you captured my heart by starting off with Moonstone Beach! It was my favorite growing up in Wakefield. Walking, skipping stones, crabbing with my mom… and then the years in the 70s when it was a nude beach….thanks, Gail, for capturing all my favorite places!

    • Sorry—Gale not Gail!

  • Such a great article – and the colours in the pictures and the food just call to me. As others have said, I must go visit. Thanks for the glimpses.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your article! Now I want to visit Rhode Island!