How Goes the Kitchen Sink-along

By Kay Gardiner
July 21, 2022

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  • Oh thank you for the honeycomb video! I have been trying to get this started but I really need a visual on this brioche stitch… you read mind! Gotta go watch!

  • Testimonial:
    I tried to start the honeycomb scarf three times and failed miserably. Then I cast on a broken rib brioche dishcloth… And it made so much more sense! I got into the swing of the pattern, restarted the scarf, and am 20″ into it with no tears and no thinking.

    • Tinking!

      • No!

      • Only a little thinking! 😉

  • I’m in!

  • I’ve gotten in the thick middle of dishcloths…I ❤️ your Linoleum Dishcloth pattern! It’s just the right amount of everything to keep me on my toes. I’m testing the Honeycomb pattern and the Log Cabin is next in the queue! Happy Summer!

  • I have never knitted with more than one color. Your honeycomb video was so clear that I decided to give it a try and am so delighted with the dishcloth I made that I am going to get some nice shawl balls and make the scarf. My only question is how do you cast off with two colors? The video did not show that!

    • sorry, knit not knitted !

  • I have never posted a picture in the Lounge. Last night I was checking it out, just incase I might want to post one. I’m not very techy, and found that I couldn’t figure it out. I’m sure there are directions/a tutorial explaining how to do this. Could you point me in that direction? Thanks.

    • There’s a small toolbar at the top of where you type. Hover your mouse over the tiny icons until one says “photo” and click that icon to upload a photo. It will insert the photo wherever your cursor is in the text – just a heads up.

      I’m sure there’s a tutorial somewhere but I don’t know where….

      • Thanks Melissa! I’m on my phone but will give it a try.

  • The kitchen-sink-a-long is such fun – I love seeing the wide variety of patterns used. Didn’t have any pictures of recent dish cloths so posted photos of some older projects. And I won a prize – in my first ever knit-a-long! Hoping to have the one on the needles done before the end of the kitchen-sink-along but processing the garden harvest has cut into my knitting time. I keep saying I’ll try a different pattern but seem to always finish in a doctor’s waiting room and just cast on another Chinese Waves without thinking.

  • love the dishcloth knitting as a literal & metaphorical palate-cleanser! and i so often get the comment that the results are ‘too precious to use in the kitchen::’ Never! they must be used and they must be loved

  • I’m 69 years old and I have always disliked Summer but it’s been 100 degrees every day and Denver was tolerable before climate change. My next move will be to the Oregon Coast because I would prefer rain

  • My prize, the O-Cedar Easywring Mop arrived today! I love it! Thank you!

    • Where are prizes posted?