Knit to This: Alibi

By Kay Gardiner
July 2, 2022

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  • I binge-watched it a couple of weeks ago via Acorn TV. Extremely entertaining!

    • The Alibi was great. 3 nights in a row, but way too engaging for the lace sock I was working!

  • We are currently watching The Old Man. Will add this to our list. Sounds perfect to knit dishcloths to. (where have they been all my life – like potato chips!)

  • Oh my gosh! Thank you! Sophie Okonedo is my favorite actress! Be sure to watch her in Dirty Pretty Things, The Secret Life of Bees, Hotel Rwanda, etc. she’s amazing!

  • Love Acorn and BRITBOX. Ready to dis Netflix!

  • It’s on YouTube in 11 episodes.

  • Oh wow, can’t wait to watch this. Still need to thank you for recommending the Anika podcast, which got me through packing up my office for a move, i.e. finally facing down 20 years of procrastinating squirreling.

  • Thank you, I so appreciate the recommendations from like-minded (well, knitters who love good TV) kind folk! It is available through Passport on WGBH and I can’t wait to watch.

    • Apparently having passport for WTTW in Chicago does not provide the same offerings as GBH. But thanks for the YouTube tip.

  • I love the Brits ability to respect a story arc and not jump the shark.