Shakerag Top: Cotton Dreams

By Ann Shayne
June 28, 2022

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  • LOVE THE KICK LINE PHOTOS!!! Such a great sweater. Question. How do you keep it from stretching out of shape? It IS so affordable this way and I so appreciate that. Thank you!

    • It doesn’t have much shape to begin with so I don’t think it would be a problem.

  • I made a Shakerag in this cotton and LOVE it. I was just thinking I need to make myself another. For some reason mine doesn’t seem to stretch or if it does it’s not a lot. I just love it.

    • What size needles did you use. TIA

  • I’ve been eyeing the Shakerag for quite awhile. Any recommendations on ease? The Rav description doesn’t list any. Obviously it’s a personal choice but in the cotton it would be great to have some guidance. TIA

    • I’ve got a good 6-7” ease in this. The design is so simple and boxy that the sleeves just drop a bit farther down my arm in this size. It’s the third size in the pattern. A true fit for me would be the second size, but I wanted it to be looser.

  • Okay, I have to ask: How is Shakerag pronounced? “Shake-a-Rag?” “Shack-Rag?” Something else? And what does the name signify? Thanks.

    • It’s Shake-Rag. 🙂

      • LOL Thank you! Been wondering about that for years!:)

      • Thank you!

  • Just last night I was looking at my second Shakerag top – knit in summerlite. (It feels so soft). I finished it but needed to make an alteration (the armholes were tight – operator error) and so I ripped it back and have made plans for 2 years to redo. Time to pull it out of timeout and get-er-done.

  • Finished my second cotton Shakerag sweater (in that lovely bright green) last week, and have worn it 3 times already. Great top, even in the super-melty temps of New Orleans.

  • I really LOVE your colors, Ann.

  • So much fun! And my Shakerag is made in this very cotton. Delightfully comfy.
    PS- I’m the gal who instigated this “dance event.” #shakeyourshakerag

  • I love your two color version. How much ease did you allow? I like how yours fits.

    • I’ve got a good 6-7” ease in this. The design is so simple and boxy that the sleeves just drop a bit farther down my arm in this size. It’s the third size in the pattern. A true fit for me would be the second size, but I wanted it to be looser.

  • Summerlite is an excellent idea! I love my Shakerag in Sylph, but when it gets humid, not so much. This cotton would be perfect.

  • I love my Shakerag in Rowan Summerlite. It’s one of my favorite summer tops! I think I may need to make another one! I LOVE your colors!

  • I’m totally making one in Summerlite after seeing yours (possibly even in the same colors)!

  • Ann your Shakerag top looks beautiful on you! I love its crisp and bright look; and, the colors are to die for!

  • OMG, it has a touch of pink in it! Next thing you know, Ann will be knitting throws for that B-doll’s dream house! (Despite the pink, it looks great.)

    • Gone rogue! What’s next? Tulle????

  • So cute! How much ease do you have in your top? My first one only has 2”, and I don’t wear it much; I want something looser/drapier. Open to knitting another; it was such a pleasure! Just need to plot and plan for ease.

    • Hi Michele! I made the third size, which is a size larger than the first one I made. I wanted more ease too, and it’s probably a good 6-7” ease on me.

  • Any / all why have made it in Summerlite – did you use the same size needles as the Slyph pattern? I have a Slyph version almost-completed and now want this one!!

    • Hi Dawn! I used the size 6 specified in the pattern to get gauge. You’ll want to swatch to make sure you’re getting gauge.

  • Anyone else want to make EVERYTHING!!!!

    • Yep!! I’m trying so hard to resist, but it is useless!

    • Yes! Me! I’ve got so many projecks on the go right now!

  • juicy colors!

  • So, for the two-color version, if you need 7 skeins do you get 3 off one color and 4 off the other? Or would you need 4 of each?

  • This top is gorgeous!! I’ve been thinking about making myself a cool summer top & there it is! So perfect. I love everyone’s comments, very helpful info. Tyvm ❤️

  • I swatched for this top but found the fabric to be far too stiff in a 4 ply yarn. The original yarn looks to be more like a heavy lace weight than a 4 ply yarn?

    • Sylph is classified as light fingering. I think classifications are sometimes tricky, so that’s why swatching is a good idea when making garments.

  • Also, are there errata in the book re the metreage? 202 metres is surely too short for 309 yards? Is everyone meeting gauge or working it looser?

    • It’s 282 meters. I worked my Summerlite 4ply at the specified gauge, not looser.

      • I would like to buy just the single pattern for Shakerag Top. Please tell me how to do this. I only see option to buy the entire Transparency issue.

  • Just finishing up my first Shakerag top in Sylph and now I’m trying to decide what color Summer Cotton to order for my next one. A fun knit that works up pretty rapidly.

  • WoW!!. ALWAYS fabulous MDK!!! I’m headed to Rav to see my beloved knitfriends’ shakerags. Then, I will be back for some supplies
    ***Could this be ok for a 1st time sweater for a beginner/moving toward intermediate?*** TY!