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  • Any suggestions for using Creative Linen?
    I thought I’d use it for Denise Bayron’s Wave of Change cardi but swatching didn’t get me gauge so I gave up 🙁

    • We posted two suggestions here: https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/2022/05/16/tee-time/ Erika Knight recently designed a cardigan for Creative Linen. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cardigan-1112

      • Thanks much Cristina!

    • I just checked on ravelry and there are over 3000 projects that people have used it for. You may already use this but when I worked at a yarn store searching the yarn seemed to be an underutilized feature for many people. For anyone unfamiliar with this feature, at the top instead of clicking the project tab click on yarn. Then type in the name of the yarn and when the options pop up click on the one you’re searching for. Then you will get all sorts of useful info about the yarn and there is a link that tells how many projects use this yarn. Click on that and voilà…ideas with notes from people giving needle size recommendations and other useful info! I think it’s one of the most useful parts of Ravelry. And don’t get me started on the Yarn Ideas tab in a project page!

      • I agree, I love using that feature on Ravelry when deciding on yarn substitutes also.

      • Awesome info Susan! Thank you so much

      • I was reminded to take this a step farther recently. Once you are looking at all the projects for a yarn if you search on the name of a colorway you can see how it works up. Sometimes not all the color blips show up well online when buying variegated or speckled yarn – seeing it used in projects is a big help.

        • I totally didn’t know that! Thanks!

    • For Creative Linen

      Ishikari, sleeveless top, slip stitch, one colour, knitting

      Eshana, wrap, 6 colour, looks woven, but is crochet

      • Cool! I’ll check these out Dorothy

  • I love summerlite 4ply! Just made Bird of Passage and Cullum tops with it. Can’t get enough of this yarn!

  • Love this yarn! I recently finished my Aroon baby sweater with it. Such a nice cotton to knit with.

    • Oh, I love Lionfish, and just ordered the Rowan publication! Thank you!

  • I’m going to be a grand-aunt! By spring it will be ready for many cute cotton baby sweaters I’m sure. And Summerlite has so many nice colors – I’m a big believer in not only pastels for infants….

  • This would also make a great Blanket of Joy. Just sayin’.

    • It would be gorgeous, might wanna hold it double so as to finish it within some decent interval. Think of the marlportunities with a doubled Summerlite 4ply Blanket of Joy!

  • Just fyi, the bold heading BOAT NECK is linking to the Jessica pattern in Ravelry… Found the pattern named Unisex Boat Neck in Ravelry.

  • Thanks for scouting these great patterns! ☺️May see some Summerlite in the future…