We Zoomed: Brioche Encouragement!

By Ann Shayne
June 20, 2022

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  • Oh, boy do I need this! Thanks so much, I am hopeful again, brioche-wise!

  • Woo hoo, this is exciting stuff! Thank you!

  • I love your sense of humor! Likely I’ll need it also for brioche. Ordering field guide now!

    • The time has come-I can’t put it off any longer- Must Learn Brioche !!! Thank you

  • Here’s hoping you will put this on rewind for the ones of us who did not see the zoom?

    • Yes, see below.

  • Field guide ready, yarn wound, needles up. Ready for takeoff!

  • Hello Ann and Kay,
    I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and follow your site, have bought your Field Guides and take inspiration and comfort from your writing. I have commitments today at the time of the Zoom and wonder if the video might be accessible afterwards. I tutor students who are writing exams this week – I can’t change up their schedules.

    • YES it will be recorded – I knew I read that somewhere but it took a while to find:
      “As always, we will record the event for everyone who can’t make it. “

  • I’m ready for the Red Carpet. I’ll be wearing vintage Lane Bryant with foundation garments by the Ironworkers Union Local 40 and the peg board on the back wall at Walgreens. Hair by the creative team at The Wind and makeup by a once in a lifetime partnership between the artists at Wet & Wild and my 2020 Christmas stocking. Jewelry is on loan from the private collection of my sister but please don’t mention it because she doesn’t know and I will be barefoot to make a political statement that no one will remember tomorrow.

    And I promise I won’t slap Chris Rock.

    • I do reserve the right to slap Kid Rock or The Rock if either of them show up.

      • You are the best!

    • Lol! Very clever!

      • I have Nancy Craftsy Brioche class but I am looking forward to this KAL. For some unknown reason I start off just fine, but about 3 inches into the project I find mistakes I hadn’t noticed. Have never been able to fix the mistake without frogging all tha way back to the beginning. Am hoping to learn what I’m doing wrong in the first place.

        Thanks for offering this KAL. Maybe this time I’ll finally be able to Brioche with confidence.

        • That happened to me on my second one but not my first. I think I stopped paying good enough attention? It definitely takes a while to sink in and be able to “feel” when you’re making a mistake, like you do with regular knitting.

  • Who’s bringing popcorn?

  • If I was drinking my coffee I would have spit it out three times reading that, Ann. So funny. See you then.

  • Is there any chance you’ll offer the video off-zoom? That timing doesn’t work for me, but I’m really looking forward to mastering this skill. My Field Guide is great, but the video would be fantastic.

  • Is it really 4 pm central time? I thought Kay’s post said 4 pm Eastern. Please confirm. Thanks!!

    • I’m in the EDT zone & when I click on the zoom link it says it starts at 5 pm, so it looks like 4pm Central is correct.

  • On the concession line now. “Large buttered popcorn and a diet Coke – no ice – please!”

  • I’ve started the honeycomb scarf my brain was a bit twisted at first but than I caught on

  • I bought FG No. 21: Brioche determined to not let another day or pattern go by before I learned this knitting style. Thank you for this video for me a very visual learner!

  • “Starring the voice work of Kay Gardiner, the hands of Allison Volek Shelton, and”…a body by Fisher? Industrial Light and Magic? Dr. Victor Frankenstein?

  • On the edge of my seat, popcorn ready! (But will not touch popcorn to preserve cleanliness of yarn.)

  • Bought the Field Guide, got my yarn ready for the HoneycombScarf, sprained my thumb. Out of knitting for awhile. But I’ll be watching! So bummed.

  • All Cast on ‘an Ready!

  • I am days new to this site. I met someone the other day and we got talking about yarn and you all seem to know the rest. This time slot doesn’t work for me. Will the Zoom videos be available later? I am well acquainted with brioche in many forms EXCEPT knitting. I have always wanted to learn and I am in the right place just not the right time.

  • Okay, just sat through the Zoom Brioche tutorial, and I now have a row of Brioche in my hand … what do I do next? Where can I see that video again?

    • Hi Judy! Here’s the link to the video:


      Use your space bar when you want to pause the video.

      Good luck!

      • Is this the only place to watch the video. I need a bigger screen so would like to use chromecast to cast it to my tv.

  • So happy I could watch the video again! But I wish you would show knitting Brioche Continental-style, because it’s so much easier! Really makes the rows fly by.

    • Yes, I agree! Once I got in to the rhythm, its really easy. Finally a stitch that my continental style loves!

  • Will there be more installments of this Zoom?

  • Oh boy — I finished my first cowl! Made the small one, and used almost every bit of 1 skein each Tutu and Truffle. Since I ordered 2 each, I guess I’m starting my Christmas knitting! Already ordered more Atlas to make the large cowl. This was waaay easier than I had feared!!

  • As a first time Brioche knitter I am so excited to have learned the basic stitches in the cushiest cowl! I had taken a class at Interweave yarn fest earlier this year and walked away without knowing a stitch. Felt very frustrated. Tried again at home using class materials and still stuck. But NOW with this gem of a video and the field guide, My needles are singing along through the cushiest cowl. While it is a bit to early to say I have mastered this, I am 2” into the cowl and it is a success! I can’t thank the MDK gals enough for this video. Makes a big difference when you can go at your own pace and rewind and repeat as much as needed. Thank you again for a wonderful video!