Knit to This: Beach Watch

June 18, 2022

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  • Damn! You really know how to pick them! Now I’m going to have to watch all this stuff too!

  • I listened to Love is a Crime – interesting but the reader’s regular mispronunciation of 40’s stars name annoyed me. (Petty, I know.)

  • I had no idea TVs could be that big!!!! I’m going to have a lot of dish clothes done by the time I get through this list!!! Wow!! Thanks!

  • Have fun!

  • DG, knowing your sense of humor, I GUARANTEE you will love “Offspring” found on Netflix. Just the best–at least the first 2 seasons I’ve watched. Pls try it y’all!

    • Offspring is THE BEST!!!! I was completely smitten!!!

  • Good picks. Lots to keep me occupied.
    Not true crime, but a lot of drama. Try “The Life and Loves of Elizabeth Taylor”. A 4 part series on the Podcast “Even the Rich”.

    • That Liz Taylor pick looks good! Just finished Julia and loved it. Thanks for the recommendations, DG!

  • Um, no, my knitting gets a break when I’m on vacation. I can look at 4-walls and TV anytime. Hello summer…finally sunshine here in the PNW.

    • The watch list could be useful come next winter…

    • Vacation knitting happens in the car (or transport) and when meandering through the stores and museums my spouse wants to go through. I knit a hat wandering through antique stores with my father in law for two days. It was a simple pattern and a single DK yarn, nothing complicated. But I had a hat to show for all that meandering!

  • Don’t get too sunburned! We need you!

    I loved the initial season of Russian Doll! Haven’t tried the subsequent season.