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  • I had shoulder surgery in the midst of the Erikalong, so my Old Friend sweater waits patiently for my return to knitting, hopefully in a month or two! The finished projects are lovely!

    • All good wishes for healing, Debbie! I love summer, but I’m already looking forward to getting to wear my Old Friend Pullover again.

  • Always appreciate your latest inspirations!

  • I love the photo gallery of projects – very inspirational! I want to try the Knight Hood.

  • I had been most interested in Knight Hood and should have listened to my inner voice when I thought the two-tone version was too large. Mine was ginormous. I ripped back and decreased 10 stitches in the row before the color change and picked up proportionately fewer stitches. Still not quite so thrilled, but it will probably be serviceable. Project page to come someday. The only version of the very few projects that looked like a reasonable fit is the turquoise.

    • Forgot to add that I knit the hood only 9 inches.

  • Clearly, I need the Old Friend in several fabulous colors. What a good looking way to look comfortable.