The Scrap Tote: Learn Entrelac

May 27, 2022

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  • Okay now I want to try it!

  • I love entrelac! it looks so hard but is really easy. My best tip is to avoid the turning by learning to knot backwards. So much easier and faster. Just checked and there are lots of tutorials and videos online.

  • I have had yarn for a ‘Lady Eleanor’ in stash for years … great explanation! as always. No ‘knitting backwards’ either. Here’s to new skills!

  • Here’s another little tip for working entrelac: once you have the basic pattern down, teach yourself to knit backwards. There are no doubt many how-to videos on Youtube, and it’s explained clearly in several knitting manuals like Vogue’s. Knitting backwards is very easy, and while it’s no faster than knitting forwards (though it may be faster than purling) the point is that it eliminates the constant turning of the work back and forth – especially an advantage if you’re knitting a big piece like a blanket, or an entrelac pattern with small blocks. And it’s fun!

    • Sorry, I would delete the above comment if I could; a bunch of us were writing about knitting backwards at the same time.

      • But your comment tells me *why* I might want to learn to knit backwards.

  • I took Shaina Bilow’s entrelac class a few years ago and really enjoyed the technique. Like Jacqueline, I also found knitting backwards handy on the small pieces. One unexpected benefit of doing entrelac was I became much more comfortable with picking up stitches on giant projects after doing it so many times on small pieces of knitting.

  • Thank you for this article! I have started making the tote and I think I was making it harder than it actually is. I am much more likely to finish it now!

  • Thanks for the play-by-play description, Kate! Superhelpful to see how this magical thing happens.

  • Thank you (in advance). I know I will not fully understand entrelac until I start doing it. When I do, I know I will be relying on this as a guide.