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  • Just me testing comments. Could be that everyone is busy building log cabins.

  • Dare I suggest that this would make an awesome temperature blanket. Or a Blanket of Joy. It’s a great yarn!

  • My husbands mistaken musing, “ who would want those?”. His family soon and loudly corrected, “ we do, we do!” He was soundly corrected by seven siblings.

    • Oh, that’s a great story!

  • I better pull out this WIP from two years ago… I purchased some of this cotton yarn from you to practice on log cabin dishcloths. Thanks for the reminder! This will be a great summer To Go project.

  • I believe there is a mistake with your “Betty” and “Martha”. I was going to order one of them and I noticed when you first show it they are one set of colors and then when I went to order, they are reversed. I am waiting to see if it is corrected so I can order. Thank you!!

    • Thanks, Merry! The product page is correct.

    • I got Martha and wanted Rose. I thought I had ordered incorrectly. Now I’m not so sure. Perplexed.

  • I am following Lucy and Kay’s lead and doing my temperature blanket in little log cabin squares. I am amazed at how doing the same little square over and over has me really looking at my work and I am improving!! My first squares are more rectangular — not exactly sure why.This is my third or fourth restart of the temp blanket, so I think I’m gonna find a way to make them work.

  • I went down the Log Cabin rabbit hole over a very stressful 2021! It really helped and what started out as a few dishcloths has become a big beautiful stack of blanket squares!

  • I love log cabin knitting!! Thank you to MDK for introducing it to me!!

  • I’m a huge log cabin knitting fan. I’ve knitted lots of dishcloths and several blankets. Such a fun and easy pattern. Handknit cotton is a wonderful yarn for log cabin knitting too. Love all the pictures!

  • I LOVE log cabin-ing!! Several years ago I knit a queen size MDK Moderne Log Cabin blanket from the pattern in your book. Alas, since I didn’t know how much I would love it as THE PERFECT summer blanket, I didn’t think about the quality of the cotton yarn I used. I’m now thinking I need to make another one in good cotton. What a prescient post!

  • Thanks for this article. I broke my right wrist and ty Houghton I couldn’t knit. But thanks to you and field guide no.4 I changed from continental knitting and the log cabin gems are just right to knit. Thank. Goodness 7 days without knitting is too long.

  • I loved the pink & black stripped dishcloth that was shown earlier in the week. . Is that pattern included in the 6 log cabin patterns?

  • Hi! When I go to the Rowan Handknit Cotton colorways you have, there is only one in stock (Joanie). The article above states pre-picked colorways are available. May be a problem with the shop? Just wondering.