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  • Wish I was in MSP for Shepherd’s Harvest last weekend. It is a delightful event, lots to see, not too big. You hit the highlights of my favorites.

  • What a great article! The Twin Cities is a knitters paradise with many yarn stores to stroll through. And if you want to plan a vacation go to the Minnesota Knitting Guild website and look for Yarnover, their annual educational program. They invite The Who’s Who if instructors so no one is ever disappointed and their Marketplace is overflowing with local yarn. Plan your next visit in September 2023, you won’t be disappointed.

    • I was just in Minneapolis to teach for YarnOver, but never left the hotel! Clearly I need to go back, spend an extra day (at least!) and explore.

  • Thank you! Loved your article. And that last picture was wonderful!

  • A local approves of all your picks! Well done.

    • Thank you! I will confess l’m Minnesotan adjacent: married to a native and went to the U .

      • My sister settled in Minneapolis decades ago and it became one of my favorite destinations. The article describes many of the most fun and interesting attractions. It mentions cultural diversity without acknowledging the poverty of many immigrants. It mentions George Floyd without acknowledging a police culture that keeps stealing the lives of our brown and black sons. Those things have pushed Mpls off my list of favorites because there seems to be blindness to the plight of POC.

        • I took DJ’s vinyl listening advice and bought tickets to hear Adia Victoria live. Powerful voice. Powerful lyrics. I suggest listening to South Gotta Change. And it is not just the South.

  • Oh no!! While there is admittedly more to do than could possibly be covered in a short trip, fiber loving people must visit StevenBe!!!

    • I absolutely agree!!

    • Yes! The store that started me on knitting!

  • This is a great article to bookmark even for those of us who live in the Twin Cities! Thanks for the great staycation ideas–there are a few places in your roundup that I haven’t visited yet.

  • YES! As someone who grew up in the Twin Cities, I agree that it has many, many lovely places filled with fiber craft, amazing food, and natural beauty, but if you come to this area, don’t miss out on a visit to Northfield, MN, just a short drive south of the Twin Cities. Cows, Colleges, and Contentment. My favorite LYS, Northfield Yarn, stocks an amazing array of yarns, including many locally produced, and it’s right next to a fabulous independent bookstore. In the Fall, come for the Farm Tour to visit working farms that raise alpaca, heritage breed sheep, goats, Highland “Coos,” bison, and yaks. You’ll need a lot of time to take in all that the Twin Cities and environs have to offer … or … hey … just keep coming back!

    • I second this! I LOVE Northfield Yarn! One of the best parts of my daughter attending Carleton!

    • Yes, another vote for a visit to Northfield! Whenever I visit my Ole daughter, I check in at both Northfield Yarn and Content, the fabulous independent bookseller right next door. To make your field trip even more fabulous, take a detour to the Faribault Woolen Mills and tour one of our country’s only remaining woolen mills, manufacturing blankets and durable woolen goods domestically. Your pocketbook will be lighter by the time you make it through their shop, but you will not regret it!

  • Wow! What a fabulous destination! Not lost on me, a resident of some 55 years! We do have a wonderful cross section of cultures, and yarn shops galore. It is a knitters paradise, to be sure! Thank you for showcasing our wonderful community!

  • How timely! Costume Society of America will be there end of month!

  • Thank you for this wonderful look at my beloved Minneapolis! I have lived here all my life, and it’s great to see it showcased through your eyes!!!!! Loved it!!!! Fabulous photos! Also, second the shout out to StevenBe!!!!!

  • What about Yarnover?

    • I linked to the Minnesota Knitting Guild so Yarnover and all the other wonderful programming is revealed 🙂

  • What a wonderful Monday morning surprise. An article on my state and all it amazing attributes and a favorite yarn shop! Minneapolis/St. Paul are pretty fun twin cities.

  • What a great sampling of Twin Cities life! As a resident, although I always have more to add, you chose well. It’s a really fun place to be a knitter! If anyone is coming through town, drop a comment and we’ll get you connected with whatever your heart desires – food, music, yarny goodness.

  • Gale, you knocked this out of the park. Great article from an amazing photographer.

    • Thank for such a fabulous view of “the Cities” as we call it here in MN. I live in Minneapolis and was ecstatic to find this article highlighting some of the best we have to offer. I’ve been going to Wild Rumpus my whole life (my grandparents used to live right around the corner), and I love walking around Lake Harriet. If you are by Lake Harriet don’t forget to have a trolley ride, they are a fun activity in the summer!

    • Thanks Cori! I could have easily made this twice as long and not run out of ideas (or yarn shops).

  • Totally transportive and FUN! Thanks for the virtual trip.

  • Great piece, Gale! Such a reminder of summer here!

  • Everything you’ve shown us looks wonderful. Just one more question: where’s the spot where Mary Richards tossed her hat into the air? 😉

    • There’s a statue of her tossing her hat on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

      It’s always fun to see tourists stop by. I’m not a tourist and I keep thinking I need to toss one of my handknit tams next to it and have someone take a pic!

      • That’s exactly what I have in mind: a tossing-the-hat pic in homage to Mary!

  • Gale, great job capturing many of my favorite places and things, in my very favorite Cities! As a member of the MN Knitters’ Guild, I’m amazed that some wise person long ago snagged the knitters.org domain.

    The State Fair is mere months away, and the knitters are planning their entries…

  • My favorite knitting haute is Darn Knit (Anyway) in Stillwater! At a time during Covid when shops were struggling and closing, Darn Knit was making bigger plans!! They cut a hole to the shop next door which had always been a restraunt and turned it into a Makers Lounge. So all of us have a wonderful yarn shop to satisfy our fiber addiction and now we can relax and start our next project!
    Check it out!

  • A post about the twin cities and no mention of Purple Yoda himself? There are tours of Prince’s studio year round, and after all that sight seeing, there is great music to keep you busy all night!

  • All that AND Louise Erdrich’s bookstore!

    • A real gem and not to be missed!

  • You missed a gem, The Minnesota Textile Center on University Avenue. There is always a great hanging in the gallery and a cute little gift shop. If you are really lucky you get to chat with the director Karl who will make you laugh with his zaney sense of humor.

    • Hi Mary, I didn’t miss it! It ‘s in the middle of the piece it -and photos too (I agree truly truly is a gem!)

  • Hi there,

    The weaving studio at the Textile Center is actually another great organization, the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. Here is our website: https://www.weaversguildmn.org/
    We sell yarn that knitters and crocheters use and have a not so secret stash of donated yarn that folks can snatch treasures from.

  • What a great article! I love that you stopped by my favorite LYS The Yarnery! I learned to knit here in 2012 and have been so disappointed when I travel. We are so blessed in the Twin Cities to have so many quality local yarn shops and a vibrant fiber arts community.

  • I just got home from being at both Yarnover AND Shepherd’s Harvest. Both were great fun. My next trip will be to the Fall Fiber Fest in Cambridge, MN this October. Another great event!

  • The Twin Cities has always been my favorite place for both short and longer getaways. There truly is something for everyone, no matter the time of year or weather! As a family of makers and nature lovers, I also encourage people to check out the Raptor Center and Minneapolis Art Institute (which always has wonderful fiber arts on display too) for affordable and accessible stops.

  • Amazing article! I live in the Twin Cities and I’m not familiar with all these places. Adventure time!

  • Great wrap up of the Twin Cities, loved my time there. If you’re looking for an East Coast destination, Newport and the neighborhoods around it are a knitter’s paradise, especially in the Summer when the bay is hopping.