Knit to This: Neko Case

May 7, 2022

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  • love Neko Case…
    but I tell ya’ – kids these days and their newfangled whatcha thingys just hear a song or two. Heck, we used to just flip the record over and set the needle back down.

  • The energy! The graphics! Bring it!

  • Loved seeing “Man” live! Thanks for bringing back that memory

  • An excellent start to my Saturday morning! Now I feel I can tackle my garden.

  • Oh DG! If Neko knew you the crush I’m sure would be mutual!

  • I want to tell you about my hometown
    It’s a dusty old jewel in the South Puget Sound
    Well the factories churn and the timbers all cut down
    And life goes by slow in Tacoma

    • so good.

  • Yes, yes, YES! Such a great storyteller, and this retrospective is a gorgeous record. The song “Bad Luck” was my constant work companion in April 2020. Curse of the I5 corridor gets me every time, cuts right through seattle and every heart.

  • I went to school with Neko Case at Emily Carr Institute in the 90’s. She was so cool.

    • OMG I was a hair’s breadth away from going to Emily Carr in the ’90’s, and now I’m really, REALLY wishing I had. p.s. DG, I’ll be your second and hold your coat in any duel involving a Neko Case doubter.

  • Long time Neko Case fan here!

  • I already loved you with an all consuming passion, but the fact that you, too, are a BIG fan of Neko Case means that we really are soulmates. Best get a restraining order drafted. 😉

  • She also has an excellent Instagram.