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  • One of the pictures in your scroll-by at the top of this story made me think. How about starting off with the Scrap Tote, but finishing it as the Knight’s Hood, thus turning into a harlequin Jester’s Hood? That would be fun!

    • Harlequin!

    • Brilliant!!

  • I’m plugging away with my Blanket of Joy and it’s about 75% done. I’m eyeing the stepping stone throw for my next big project.

    • I got to test knit the Stepping Stone Throw—my first crack at entrelac—and I couldn’t put it down it was so satisfying to knit.

  • Memories! My parents loved Lerner & Loewe and would get tickets whenever one of their shows opened on Broadway, a pretty major thing for people in a small town 2 hrs away from NYC. I was 6 when Camelot premiered and the record was on repeat on our turntable for months. To my mother’s intense annoyance, I would dance around the house singing “The Lusty Month of May” – and words you learn at 6 are burned into your brain forever: in the clip above, they changed some of the words and dropped the bridge! I also favored “The Seven Deadly VIrtues” …

  • Kudos to the lady in the tealish Old Friend sweater at the shopping mall!! It looks great!!!!! And I love the second color on the pocket — I believe that was Cristina??

    • Yes! Really makes me want to knit a Hadley Pullover in Atlas. Save me from the rabbit holes!

  • How do you find time to knit all those blankets?

  • I’m 1/2 Escalated and about 1/4 Old Friended . . . But I did finish a shawl and my coveted Barnyard Knits Carnivale socks (my first knitting a long tube with lifelines — brilliant!!).