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  • Love this so much. The only other post in Katherine’s Instagram account is even better.

  • You made my week! I can almost feel the cardigan’s squish factor. The details are wonderful.

  • Oh Sonya! This is so great – you made my day. Thanks so much; I’m always extra happy to see your byline here.

  • Please tell us did it finish the race unscathed, or has it now got a large decorative darn as well?

    • The CARdigan made it totally unscathed! She floated down the course like like a little meringue cloud! We won the trophy for Softest.

  • This post has made my day!!! So clever!! Did the CARdigan finish its run unscathed? It deserves permanent display in the museum.

    • Our fearless driver Miles piloted her down the hill in one piece! It poured rain the next day which would have made it much scarier–and heavier!

  • Where does one find a “yarn” like that??

    • At Joann. https://www.joann.com/big-twist-tubular-yarn/zprd_18445551a.html

      You don’t need needles to knit with this type of yarn. Not arm knitting either. Just use your hands to pull loops through loops.

      This project is just brilliant. It reminded me of the lace fence from a few years ago. Sometimes the art is all about the scale – US 85 needles! Oh my.

      Thank you, Sonya!

  • Just love it! What a happy way to start the day!

  • What fun. It looks like the land-locked step-daughter of Debbie New’s iconic Lace Coracle, a bowl-shaped boat that was actually (sort of) seaworthy.

    • Oh, I remember that! I do have a copy of Unexpected Knitting that I haven’t looked at in a while. Such a brilliant designer! I know our own Kay and Ann were inspired by her scribble lace.

  • Wow!! What a work of heart❤

  • This is just the best Sonya! Thank you for sharing this and putting a big smile on my face to start the day.

  • Craft and creativity and cleverness. Bravo!

    • Also the buttons are functional!

  • I’m irrationally smitten with those buttons.

  • My words for the year are “find Joy.” Your article gave me so much Joy. Can’t wait to share it with my 88 year old mom (who taught me to knit). Thank you Sonya!

    • Thank you, Jeannette! My mantra for the year has also been to Find Joy so your words mean so much to me. My mom also instilled in me a deep love of making and it was one way we connected. I wish that I had been able to share CARdigan with her, so thank you for sharing with your mom!

      • Thank you for sharing the joy with those of us who couldn’t see your work of art in person! I’m a mom and grandma, and know your mom would have loved this! It brought so much joy at the end of a long day – found joy!

  • How lovely to start the week learning hearing about something so creative and happy! Thanks!

  • This made my day❣️

  • Love this! ❤️ So creative and fun. It made me laugh, such a great way to start the day, thank you Sonya!

  • A perfect thing to see on a rainy Monday morning!

  • Gob-smacked! I love it!

  • Only in my hometown! Sonia, I love the way you told this story, especially that you included all the knitterly details. You really brought the event aive alive for us.

  • How delightful!! And coincidence that I just returned from a fantastic San Francisco trip (college visit for my son).

  • Ok, you had me at CARdigan! What a clever idea and brilliant execution by all involved. I would’ve loved to been at this event in person! It looks like it brought so much joy!

  • so good to hear your voice. Been awhile. Thanks so much

    • Oh, this is so fabulous! Thank you for the write up, Sonya.

  • This is beyond cool!!!! Wow.

  • Would have loved to have seen it in person. Awesome!

  • Sonya, I haven’t come across your writing until just now. I went back and read several of your previous letters. I wish to say a huge AMEN, SISTER! If something makes you happy, wear it!

    The CARdigan is such a fun thing. Hard to imagine working with such big needles and yarn!

  • What a delight!! Thank you for this fun post.

  • Love this! I hope the CARdigan makes it to a How Berkeley Can You Be? parade if it still exists. 🙂

  • Thank you for the joy you brought to my day! Pre-pandemic we built Cupcake cars for Maker Faire San Diego. The CARdigan reminded me of the fun we had!

  • OMGosh, what fun! Love this so much!!