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  • Mmmm, lovely!

  • Wow!!! Cool!!! Also, love the colors!!

  • I remember the days when entrelac was all the rage. My knitter friends were all working on a felted entrelac bag and were loving it. There was much discussion of learning to knit backwards to make this project flow better.I was just learning to knit and this project seemed way out of my league. Now I understand the construction a bit better, but not sure if I’m ready for this level of wizardry!

    • I can see how you’d consider working backwards for really small entrelac blocks, to reduce the turning, but for these chonkier blocks there’s no need for any wizardry,

  • Fun and helpful description, thank you’

  • Kay, you have such a head for knowing! After reading your letter I feel like I just might be able to make this throw. Such a clear and fun “how to.” Thanks!

  • You are messing with my own Finish What you Start commitment by showing me this.

  • You are so right. Broken rib IS one of God’s own stitch patterns. I’m never going back to plain rib. (Well, maybe on mittens, but that’s it. Broken rib forever!)

  • And here I thought I wouldn’t have to make another blanket! Sigh. Already I am picking out my colors….

  • +1 for the phrase “one of God’s own stitch patterns.” Good stuff.

    • Oh, totally… that phrase stopped me in my tracks. Both Kay and Ann have such a way with words!!

  • Thanks. I’ve done a lot of knitting but never entrelac until now. Working the first set of triangles, I started metaphorically hyperventilating (This can’t be right!). But thanks to help in the Lounge, I settled down enough to forge ahead. After all the yarn is beautiful and feels great, and it’s starting to make sense.

    • I had a real phone-a-friend moment after making the second triangle and thinking exactly that: “this can’t be right!” Sometimes I am not up for the spatial reasoning challenges of knitting!

  • Uh, oh. Kay’s fallen down the rabbit hole again. Olive, you might need to stage an intervention before she tries to entrelac the Chrysler Building…!

  • I am getting flashbacks to the start of my Passeggiata shawl, which uses Freia Minikins and starts out with a whole bunch of little triangles made this same way! I was so baffled as I started, but luckily have also learned to just trust the pattern 🙂

    That pattern just turns into simple chevron knitting, before a last section of triangles, to make an overall rectangle-shaped shawl. Now I’m wondering what an all-entrelac with little gradient Minikins would look like…

  • Well how fun is THAT?!!