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  • Funnily enough I cast on SSP today! Loving it in Tynd Woolfolk. (After recently knitting/mediating 5 Cecelia Campochiaro’s shawls it’s a little challenging to concentrate!!!!) I found knitting a little swatch to get a grasp on the pattern was really helpful.

  • I’m just finishing a multicolored shawl (Yara by Natasja Hornsby – awesome in Jill Draper) so SSP may be next on my list. And Wave of Change looks like a perfect Knitflix project. I’d be tempted to do it in Freia yarn bombs, but I’m tempted to do EVERYTHING in Freia….

  • I love the shawlette!! I feel Xmas presents for my Chicago and Iowa City nieces. Could be my first Atlas project too! Love the bobbles.

  • Missing Natasja Hornby‘s Corbis shawl mentioned. Basket weave pattern, twisted stitches, bobbles….

  • Great suggestions, thanks so much!

  • Oh they are all gorgeous! So many shawls – so little time!

  • I love shawls! I love to knit them and I love to wear them. Does anyone but knitters actually wear shawls? I don’t see them out and about.

    • That’s my issue also since I don’t wear shawls. Some of those, however, look as if they could be expanded to be lovely afghans or baby blankets.

    • Other than knitters, I see shawls worn most often as in the 4th, 6th, amd 7th photos of this post— i.e, styled as a drapey or sometimes oversized scarf— and more often among women in their 20s-40s. I’m in that age range myself, and at least half of my knitted shawls have been requested gifts for friends or my SILs who want to wear them styled like this.

      I’m currently knitting a shawl called Oxidation, which is just about the perfect kind of TV knitting for me, with just enough going on that I am not bored stiff. It’s 2 skeins of the main color, 1 of contrast, in a fingering yarn. Garter stitch but with little sections of short rows in the contrast color to make stripes and colorblocks. I am going to wear the heck out of this!

    • Several of my lovely coworkers (all non-knitters) wear shawls, mostly the oversized blanket style. Some of them have confessed a fear of not being able to pull off the look. Many of my coworkers tend to wear a lot of neutrals, so maybe a simpler color palette would work for them. Since I started making them, I wear them all the time, sometimes instead of a cardigan or jacket. They’re definitely a nice extra layer to have in cold weather (or offices).

  • Oh the Isabell Kraemer in your bright palette! What a pretty thing! Bright for the dull days.

  • OMG was this posted before today’s Wordle was released?! Strongly sensing a theme today!

    • Totally coincidental. The knitterly force is strong.

  • I started SSP by Isabell Kraemer 4 weeks ago.
    Just love it so far! Maybe half way through the first section? US 3 needles and I am a slow knitter. Going to be a few months before I am done but that’s ok! Gorgeous pattern!

  • I have missed the annual knitting brackets, but I imagine it was a lot of work. Yet….

  • Silly question, but do you think I could do the blanket version of Wave of Change in Organic Studio Chunky? I just love the colors of the chunky yarn so much.

  • These all look fabulous. SSP reminds me of the Nightshift that I made last year. Just cast on la Playa. Using Sparrow. Thank you for ideas for my next Shawl. I love to knit them!