Game Changer: Cables without a Cable Needle

By Ann Shayne
March 29, 2022

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  • Please get well, Kermit, you beautiful kitty!

  • Big hugs to you and Kermit.

  • Hope Kermit feels better soon.

  • Hope Kermit gets better soon. Totally with you on losing a cable needle, ( and why circulars are my best friends after losing so many DPNS) and was so happy to discover Grumperina’s post on it way back.

  • Oh, Kermit! Sending strong thoughts of feline healing from me and my three furry ones. ❤️

  • Recently had to learn to give my kitty insulin shots. When the all day kibble buffet is closed only to become a two meal a day place, this Food Lady has an unhappy customer!!

  • Recently had to learn to give my kitty insulin shots. When the all day kibble buffet is closed only to become a two meal a day place, this Food Lady has an unhappy customer!! Feel better, Kermit!

  • Sending love to you and Kermit

  • Best wishes to Kermit. Great to have modern diagnoses for our pets. Kate Atherley provides wonderful demos. Thank you!

  • Poor Kermit!!! Get well quickly

  • All my best to Kermit, and to Food Lady, who I’m sure is worried about him.

  • I just learned cabling with out a needle this winter. I forced myself to only use it on a sweater project with 4CB and 4CF. It had so many that by the time is was done my muscles remembered. I encourage everyone to try it at least once. Hope Kermit feels better soon.

  • Best wishes to you and Kermit

  • Hope Kermit is better very soon!

  • Great article.
    Please keep us all updated on Kermit. Hope he makes a full recovery. Also hoping no vet visit is needed.

  • Oh Kermit, get better very soon. A lot of hearts depend on you.

    Olive, did you send flowers or a toy to your buddy? It might help.

  • “Under the weather…” That time when you instantly ceased being exasperated by your Fur Person’s high jinx with yarn baskets…and hope and long for mischief again! Heal well, Kermit!

  • More love for Kermit! Thanks for the no-needle cable reminder too, always a fun trick.

  • Ann, I am very sorry to hear that Kermit is feeling under the weather. I hope he will soon feel better, and know he’s feeling comfort from your love and TLC.

  • I’m so sorry to hear that Kermit isn’t feeling well and please tell him that a lot of people are hoping he’ll recover very soon.

  • I hope Kermit feels better soon (and that Foodlady makes a full recovery from any injuries sustained while giving Kermit a pill). Cabling without a cable needle is handy, especially when it seems your sofa never has the right size needle for your project!

  • Kermit! Feel better soon. You are much loved. Perhaps it was someone you ate?

    • Thinking about Kermit. I hope he is better soon. My cat and I are big fans of the microinfluencer.

  • Lots of healing wishes coming at Kermit the Kutest… I feel for you.

  • Beaming strong healing energy at Kermit the Magnificent, and also sending hopeful and positive thoughts to Ann. Take good care you guys!

  • We can always talk about cabling without a cable needle, Much more important for Kermit to feel better!

  • Sending you and Kermit some good vibes today. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

  • I’m so sorry your Kermit is under the weather. Thank you for sharing this technique

  • Kermit, sending hugs (if you allow them) and good thoughts! And yes, Atlas and this pattern are great for a first experience cabling without a needle, I can say from experience – I tried once before with a yarn with much more escapability which wasn’t successful, but Atlas is much more yummy and cooperative and I’m a new pro!

  • Oh No – I hope Kermit feels much better soon! ❤️

  • Hoping Kermit feels better soon. Big hugs you both.

  • I’ve done cables with and without a needle, and I prefer with. Faster for me. I’ll check Kate’s article again. Loads of hugs and love to you and Kermit Kitty. Be well soon Kermit!

  • Dear Anne, my husband and I and the 5 kitties all wish Kermit a speedy recovery. We know how stressful it is to have a sick animal. (We have had dogs, too.)

    I love this scarf!!! I know how to do cables without a cable needle but still generally use one of the wooden ones with grooves. Just feels more comfortable to me.

  • Get well ❤️‍ soon! Thanks for the tip, too.

    • Sending lots of love and positive thoughts Kermit’s way

  • So sorry to hear that Kermit is not feeling up to snuff. All the best!

  • Oh, I too know well that anxiety when a beloved pet isn’t doing well (our aged rabbit took a turn for the worse this week). Gentle pats and warmth to Kermit and may there be much yarn & pleasure in his future and yours! Thanks for the cable updates!