Escalator Scarf: At Last!

By Ann Shayne
March 22, 2022

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  • It’s lovely Ann! ❤️

  • Beautiful! And your description of the ultimate optimistic color…

  • Your color descriptions are delightful! As is this scarf. Whisper is also a color-shifter, albeit less iconic. 😉 I’m loving it. And this is the perfect yarn/project to learn to cable without a cable needle – ask me how I know! Atlas The Yarn stitches stand perkily and squishily at attention while awaiting their destination.

  • When I finally finish day-tripping, my escalator awaits! Thank you for being my tour guide!

  • Where is the annual March Madness competition? The highlight of the knitting year is seeing all the gorgeous new work out by designers. Such a support to them and to all of us who would not otherwise know to seek out and knit those designs. Please bring this back!!!!

    • Maybe we could have May Mayhem.

  • So, I shouldn’t be knitting with only blue yarn?! Hmmm, will have to think about that one!

  • I don’t see any dropped stitch ladder in your beautiful scarf Ann, am I missing it?

    • It happens at the very end, after knitting the two pieces of the scarf. Stay tuned for this thrilling drama …

      • Oh I just saw your reply, thanks!

  • Its beautiful but I don’t see the slipped stitches and ladder effect in yours Ann. Am I missing this?

  • I love the Balanchine reference! Oh how I would love to make Tutu Escalators for all of us ladies in the adult ballet class I am taking now – a return to my childhood joy and the best exercise ever. Maybe one for the teacher, at least. I could probably get it done in time for Christmas (Am finally making my first Daytripper now, and then there are hats and mitts and shawls to be made… and that wonderful Scrap Tote with baby blanket leftovers!)

    • Would love pattern for baby blanket leftovers “Scrap Tote pattern”

  • The cables are interesting, but the fine/non -fringe is of and the length of the scarf seems dangerous to me.

  • Dear Ann, your ‘unpacking’ (is that the currently approved millennial term?) of various Field Guide patterns has made them more approachable, even for the likes of me. Thank you for getting me from (A- living in a blissful stockinette world to C- actually buying the yarn for one of those beautiful designs). I’m not up to complicated cable patterns yet but one day, who knows.

    • It’s easier than it looks, and so much fun. Just try a cabled swatch- you’ll be hooked.