It Starts with a Feeling

By Ann Shayne
March 15, 2022

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  • This was actually breathtaking for me. The richness of her words and the stories and emotions evoked stopped me in my tracks. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • It is literally amazing to experience this “proof” of Erica’s clarity of vision and ability to create stunning knitted objects inspired by beautiful yarn. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • These drawings are so cool – the blanket wrapped around like a long skirt! That bag and scarf. This peek behind-the-scenes plus hearing Erika’s stories on Zoom make me adore her even more.

  • Seeing the blanket and tote using just one color is a game changer, more possibilities.

  • This was truly special.

  • Reading this reminds me of two things.
    There’s creative (me).
    And then there’s Creative (Erika).

  • Seeing these drawings and words has convinced me, that I need to make all the projects.

  • Delightful read! Fascinating to hear the designer’s version of the stories I think of as I knit.

  • These behind the scenes and in the imagination peeks at Erika’s creative mind are fab!

  • Love Erika’s little story for each design! Fascinating.

  • This glimpse into her design process really resonates with me. I find the sketches and differing colors much more appealing and they make me realize that I could make some of them!

  • Thank you for transforming these collages of thoughts and sketches into usable, wearable garments and accessories that allow each of us to incorporate them into our own stories.

    The “Old Friend Pullover” is first on my list. I have been looking for a sweater like this for a long time. It is the perfect piece for any journey of exploration and adventure. Even it just from an armchair by the fire. Perfect with bare feet and rolled up pantlegs on the beach, to leggings and boots for city sightseeing, or a skirt and tights for something a bit more polished.

  • I’ve whittled down my stash to 5 projects and a bag of worsted wool, fingering wool, acrylic, and unknown scraps so I thought I’d use them for the bag or blanket. One of my projects may be switched to that scarf. The Atlas really tempted me but my resolution was no new yarn buying until my stash was gone or at least down to fit in my yarn basket without overflowing.

  • I so know the process of thought and idea. I myself have found that journaling a key component to the growth of an idea to a finished and loved project..
    Some ideas may only make its way to only a sketch, but not all ideas have to be successful. The ideas from the unsuccessful can lead to other ideas just like the scribble and sketch is to the final art piece

  • I really love seeing these drawings. You can really see the structure of the piece. Please consider including drawings like these in future field guides.