Knit to This: Painting with John

March 5, 2022

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  • Praise be we have you to keep us informed because HBO failed to point this series out to me. Onward!

  • might have to get HBO again for season 2. season 1 put me into a dream state.

  • Yes, I discovered this one a while back. It has an oddball charm, for sure.

  • Sounds exactly like the kind of quirky shows my hubby and I love. Have you tried Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father on Netflix yet?

  • I fell in love with everything John Lurie during season 1 and am thrilled to learn there is a second season!! I watched every episode of season 1 multiple times and have it recorded so I can rewatch it whenever I like.

  • Thank you so much for recommending Painting with John. Because the title sounds like a painting instruction show, I never would have watched it and it would have been a big loss. You have never steered us wrong with your recommendations and I look forward to them each week. Thank you, thank you again.

  • Oh, the Joy of Watching John Lurie—from Stranger Than Paradise and Down by Law to this enchanting show. How could you not love the guy?

  • You had me at “20 minutes episodes”
    I’m here for this. Git painting, J!

  • This sounds like one of those quirky shows I will enjoy – and 20 min episodes are perfect. It reminds me of another show, Joe Pera Talks With You – so sweetly offbeat, you scratch your head the first couple episodes, wondering where the series is leading. But it’s leading nowhere. The episodes are mostly less than 20 min also.

    • I’ve almost turned in a piece about Joe Pera before but I always stumble a little trying to describe it, and honestly I think the less you know about it going in, the better it is.

  • I LOVE this series. His paintings are fantastic and the way he just chats as he paints, it’s amazing. I’m so glad there’s another season!

  • The commentaries by you and Scot Simon are the highlights of my weekends. Thank you! I’ve never heard of John Lurie, but I’ll check him out.