Color Explosion Throw: Done and Done!

By Ann Shayne
March 1, 2022

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  • Hi Ann, I don’t know but every time I read a post that you have written about a project your working on, I NEED to start that project. I did the swarf because I was afraid of not finishing the big blanket.
    I resolved to do the blanket pattern in the pillow first. But now…… my fingers are itching. BTW the swarf was fun but didn’t suit me so I frogged the back and neck and turned my rectangle into a möbius cowl I wear every day. In this community you and Kay have created one never walks alone.

  • Both beautiful! Mohonk light is one of my all time favorite yarns, and Jill’s colors are to die for!

  • Blankets as sentient beings. Genius. ❤️

  • Ann, how many skeins of Mohonk Light did it take to make the second blanket? You mentioned 11 colors but I assume you needed more than one skein of at least some of the colors. Your FO tempts me!

    • I used one skein per color—the yardage on Mohonk Light is rww we ally good, so Indidnt need to use any second skeins and in fact had enough left to make a fifth strip which has become a go-to scarf in these late winter days. This pattern is so easy and fun.

  • Nice job on both.
    Blankets are the ultimate contentment.

  • Thank you for including Kermit. I mean, he IS why I’m here (kinda kidding). Gorgous and inspiring knit!

    • Hey, no dissing the Kerm. When Anne moved to Nashville she needed some maaw New Yaawk. Even if she only lived here in da city dat never sleeps for a few years she got her priorities straight. Gotta have a cat with ‘tude.


  • Thanks Ann, I finished my 4th strip about 10 days ago but haven’t soaked them yet and you have inspired me! I’m sure I have 3 long circs here somewhere of the same size… How did you decide which yarn to use for seaming and did you use it single or doubled?

    • You know, I used 32” circs and it worked fine to hold the stitches. Remember that each strip picked up will be only 9 x 18 = 162 stitches, which is too bad. I used one strand for the seams, the same yarn as for the strips.

  • Please, Ann! Your seam lies flat. Not lays flat! P.S. is it just my computer, or has your comment section suddenly decided to get huge every time I want to comment?

    • I’m blaming your computer for my grammar lol.

      Not sure what’s happening re what you’re seeing, but the way things are going in the world right now, I’m gonna blame Russians.

  • Both of your blankets are beautiful! I’m finishing my Picket Fence throw and didn’t care for the look of the 3 needle bind off so did mattress stitch instead but yours looks so good. What length cord did you use on your circular needles?

    • 24″ or 30″? I put them back in my giant circ collection, but they were not superlong at all. You have to pick up 9 stitches x 18 color blocks, so that’s not a huge number of stitches to fit on a needle.

  • Chain stitching with a crochet hook also works, if you don’t have enough knitting needles of the right size

  • Thank you for that 3-needle bind off tip. It’s brilliant.

    • The 3-needle bind off is the perfect tip to know and see demonstrated.

  • Beautiful! Kermit has good taste. Does he talk to the blankets? Does he prefer one over the other?

  • Grammar Queen here
    Sorry Ann but the seam lies (reclines) flat. It does not lay (stand).

  • How would I do this in a worsted yarn? I was thinking it would be nice for my 2 year old grandson but in Encore so it can be easily washed by his mom. Otherwise they’ll never use it.

  • Hi Ann, I love Kermit and how he joins the conservation. And you used a form of the word “sproingy”.
    Another person asked about yarn choice for seaming…how did you pick which color to use?

    • You know, I decided that if I was going to go to the trouble of three-needle bind-off rather than mattress stitch, I might as well make it a decorative element. So I used a color that would contrast and be noticeable. A lighter color would have blended more with the rest of the blanket. It would be lovely that way, too.

  • I’m so glad to see these beautiful blankets right now, particularly the Mohonk Light version. My Mohonk Light blanket strips are sitting quietly, waiting for me to work up the courage to do join them and this is super helpful and encouraging.

  • Thank you for all the pictures. So much goodness. Its like a one-spot rabbit hole, I just keep scrolling through over and over. All those colors. And a cat. This is apex knitternet for sure.

  • Kermit has excellent taste!

  • What colors were selected for the cool version of The Color Explosion Throw.? I want to knit that version but don’t know if I have all the colors used. Thanks..

    Diane Berthelot